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  • That is really her. She has pushed me into being a sissy, n sucking bbc also, which I do. She loves it, n has said we should get queen ofc spades tats. She has me where this shirt to our fetish club, it says I'm a small sucked white guy who supports interracial cuckolding.
    So she's said that according to medical journals my dick is baby's sized. I can't get in her. She loves interracial porn. She loves seeing how black dicks are 8x bigger. I said I know, go for it. She's encouraged me to be a sissy, she loves it. I suck black dick, and letv them humiliate me. A few just call me Samantha or snow bunny. I'm not ashamed to admimt black cock is eventually going to take over.
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    after spending 20+ yrs in porn and doing interracial for 99% of that time and being a big dick guy.. i can say that the myth is a total lie. its great if you like the contrast of skin color and "taboo" of it.. as its not as taboo as it use to be and if you like being humiliated im sure there are 8-10 inch white guys in your area that are willing to do the job too..
    There are white guys that are a good size. My hubby being one of them. It’s the contrast that’s exciting for us ?
    Looking for a bbc mich or Ohio area, must be bout 9 Inches , have exp w white girls. You'll be my 3rd, I want that stretch I hear bout. Before you get you must humiliate my sis lol penis(not my be! He has accepted he will become a sissy), but we are fun, n funny, please no ******* or druggies, least have a lil bit of money
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