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Oct 4, 2011
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Dec 18, 1990 (Age: 26)
Memphis TN
Student // Amateur Model


Member, Female, 26, from Memphis TN

Best advice to white girls: Get yourself a black boyfriend!??? Oct 5, 2011

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Nov 4, 2011
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    5. Manofyourdreams
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      Andrew jownally
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      johnson charlse
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    Dec 18, 1990 (Age: 26)
    Memphis TN
    Student // Amateur Model
    Hello There........

    ♥ I am Alexis Romantowski
    and i'm 20 years young
    Currently Single <333 ♥

    Bxdy Txpe_

    ♥ I'm almost 5'11 so chances are im taller than you, && proud of it :) 135lbs, so im slim slender and athletic, every guys dream rite?

    ♥ I am about 90% Hungarian and about 7.5% Native American and 2.5% Mutt!!

    ♥ I have Green Eyes 34 C Boobies and several peircings and tattoos...


    I am currently attending the University of Memphis!! in Memphis TN. I am a sophomore this year and i am already LOVING MY TIME HERE!!!

    I Grew up in a SUUUUPPPPEEERRR Small /// Sheltered Town in Kentucky and I was never able to go out and experience the "REAL" world!!! or "REAL" People Until is started College Last year!!!!

    I Love to go out and dance like a stripper & Drink like a MIC & dress like a slut all of the time now that i am Single and no longer living my life in LIL HICKVILLIE USA LOL. Im kinda new to that hole lifestyle and i am loving it!!! You all mite as well just get used to it & get over it because it's not changing anytime soon ;)


    • I Love any type of Rap music as of the last 6 months
    • I have tried to do some modeling since i moved to Memphis, but School is my #1 focus.
    • I Go the gym at least 5 times a week!
    • I never Drank a Single Drop until last year!
    • I tend to have SUPER BAD ADD/ADHD and I take Adderall for it.
    • I am VERY CPU savy! Way more than any girl i bet you know. So watch out im not a DUMB ASS Either!
    • I Just lost my Virginity about 9.5 Months ago.
    • 1st (non) normal granny panties were bought this year :0...
    • I may dress and act like a slut but ive only slept with 2x MEN!
    • I Have 2 brothers back home 1 older and 1 not
    • I can drop it lower than you :) promise ♥
    • My tattoos are better than yours!

    ♥♥♥ I have never Kissed,Blew,Sexed, or anything physical with a black man before in my life!! But isnt that why we are all here??? Well just make sure to read my post!♥♥♥