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She loves that BBC

I'm a guy as you know by know. And I'm white as well. Average size 7 inches. What's the biggest that you ever had?? And how does it feel ?? Does size really matter to you?? Be Honest
so dildo wise , ive had 12" very thick 3" wide , its almost too much ... biggest man was 11" it feels amazing however they have to be gentle.... for my body i find 8" perfect... the man can pound away without creating pain.... i orgasm easily
So is your husband a Cuck ?? He watches you having sex and Films?? Do you go with white Guy's?? Or just Black men. ?? And Why do White Women love black guys. Just asking.
He likes them to be black ... Contrast and taboo I suppose ... I don't know I just like men in general ... But turns me on that he's turned on
I bet if Bradley Cooper had a 9 inches you would do him ?? Yeah you would. My name is John BTW. I'm here in Virginia Beach. I'm Originally from Connecticut.
What woman wouldn't. Nice to meet you Terra. I love that video of you taking that black Dildo. Very Sexy. You and your husband should book a trip to Jamaica. You would get hit on as soon as you got off the plane. I went there 3 years ago and there's some really hung dudes down there. I even filmed a woman getting fucked in a hotel room next to me. She asked me to. She was on vacation and having fun. The guy had to be 23 at the most. And packing 10 inches. He had her screaming. Shooting cum all over her face and body it was insane. He went 2 hours without stopping. I was ******* so I didn't care filming her. She was married and in her 40's.

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