" Lesbian friend from Miami gets D-Down " pt.

I'm not even gonna lie.. I miss that tight,juicy, wet pink pussyburger that belonged to me , though it was already property of her misses. Lesbians ain't used to massive meat that work them out hourly. It wld be cool to find some that are mentally on the same page as her. I'll be that hue'man dildo!
@superdick33 It's videos from before I'm just putting them up. I don't normally have a crowd but when I was getting " wishboned" at DePaul University campus, 5 females drained my life force and theirs as they all recorded with their phones so it's all good. I'm sure you'll find me on porn hub or something with ALL of them or not. They all come from prestigious families so who knows, I'm cool with it.
@Sarah936 Oh yes she did and so will you ;). The dildos her and her wife used weren't getting the needed attention that hard jelly substance usually gets. She tore herself open WIDE on my mandingo meat.
would be great if you record a bit longer clip when you have the chance , most bbc bitches they refuse to get recorded

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