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" Arroz con Vesuvio " ;).mmm mmm..

Love this woman's BODY..and her pussy..she's going to kill me for posting this 4 sure. It's okay.. she can kill me while we're fucking or afterwards. Heaven has no bounds..
Please please get a video of you too, makes me excited for us cx
Sorry love.. That won't happen. There's alot of prestigious professionals I've had the luxury of savoring and I'm privileged that they send me pics and videos to keep me enticed while we have our " private sexcapades ". I was in the process of debating if I would upload a video until they blocked me on the site last friday so it helped make my decision final. I do have many more others and if this site will allow them to upload using a different medium than I'll happily do so. I'm a NYMPH'DINGOmaniac!!! Sex is just like eating and bathing for me... I have to have it..but quality over quantity ALWAYS.. and I'm inching closer to my decision to relocate to London everyday! My relatives are and you will have a magical MANDINGOrific moment in time luv..:blackheart::lips::sex::sex::devil::blackheart::inlove:
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