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Not all women want a huge dick stretching them out. My Wife certainly doesn't.

Also, as women age, many of them begin to lose the elasticity in their vaginal tissue, which causes intercourse to become uncomfortable and even painful. This will also lessen their ability to accommodate a large dick. There are creams that can help, but must be prescribed by a doctor and applied regularly, which can become expensive.

So, some of us will just have to learn to deal with the fact that our wives may never wish to experience sex with other, largely hung men.


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She uses them all the time and I always tell her how I want them to be real, she cums. What do I do next? I can't wait to watch her with her first black man.
My hot girlfriend is effy, likes being tied up, blindfolded. Thinking I should take it real slow and work my way from there. Purchased a red dildo for her ( her favorite color) to break the ice, has tried it with no complaints.
I didn't think I wanted BBC at one point either. Wish I would have went along with it years ago when hubby first brought it up. Feel like I missed out now that I'm getting up there in age!

Hubby first started me with Interacial porn and dirty talk. Then we progressed into role playing and using black dildos, vibrators, etc. then the flirting with other men! Finally a swingers site and had threesome with Caucasian males and hubby. Then a big surprise one night when a BBC showed up, that hubby invited from swingers site. Now I'm branded and BBC only, other than hubby and we both love it. No regrets!! I would recommend it to every white wife that has a very strong relationship with hubby!


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We do the same role play I have used diodos now I want to find a club/ lounge/bar/ pub. Etc to take her so I can have BBC flirt with her poking in central pa she will ot go to a swingers club I have been to tj's but by my self