Your preference

I never had fake boobs either big or just perfect size for a certain body type. Honeslty i would say that large fake boobs look great but when it comes to the touching , licking, holding them, squeezing and all that makes difference.
I would go for the real onces no matter the size, it is just natural and you can have fun with them too.
I had girls/women with big and small boobs, but all of them real and had great time regardles the size .
As a breast man I like all sizes and shapes except from the huge very fake tits. There are exceptions but as a rule natural breasts feel and look better to me. Nothing wrong with small tits, makes the nipples look bigger...;)


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The female body is a wonder to behold....whether it is natural or augmented that is for a woman to decide which way makes her happy. That being said, I WILL her fruits to utmost of her limits...and then some;-)
I like all types of female bodies. I think the only thing that is constant with me is being fit and no body hair. Other than that the different shapes and sizes are great. Life would be boring if everyone looked the same.

That being look hot both ways.
I much prefer natural breasts over artificial ones which are out of proportion.
Alittle on the smaller side I find much sexier than alittle on the larger side.
But then, I am more of an "ass" appreciating man. :devil: