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Your husband is lucky to have you. One on one Time!


Real Person
Are you an attached woman that is curious about having a weekend holiday alone with a classy bbc? Come to NYC and go shopping. Leave your small penis man at home with the children. Let him call and check on you while you ride my dick and try not to moan.

You work hard and you're beautiful. The least your man can do is help you with a plane ticket and watch the children. He should be lucky to even have you.

You have a good job and you work hard. How many different ways can you have sex with a small penis husband??

Enough with pleasing your husband by having another man have sex with you in front of him. You can not be yourself as much as you can in a one on one. This isn't about pleasing your husband. He failed you already in that department. Why exactly are you rewarding him?

This is about the wife. The girlfriend. The woman. That's what the BBC lifestyle is all about. Half the men on this site talk about their wants and desires. White boy I don't give a fuck that you want to be in the room. I'll fuck your wife while you're at work you pussy small dick bitch.