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Good day sir,

My name is J_. You may not know me but I'm a good friend of your daughter, Lisa. Matter of fact, we work in the same company, though not the same department. Hers is several doors down the corridor away from mine. We enjoy each other’s company and even share each other’s secrets. I’m writing this to you to share one of such secret with you.

Your daughter loves her job so much. I’ll bet she’s never told you and you’ve never once thought to find out: her keeping plenty of late hours at the office, performing whatever menial task that comes her way. She’s very dedicated and hardworking unlike me. I’m too much of a gofer sometimes. Always she has a smile on her face and never stops talking about how great she loves working with the people around her. It’s a good thing she gets along fine with everyone here.

But I’ll bet you’ve never once thought to wonder what’s with her office dedication and why. That’s essentially why I’m writing this letter to you.

The reason she’s happy, the real reason she loves her job so much, is because she’s so infatuated with her black boss.

Your daughter has been working under him as an intern for two months now. All that time she has done all what she can to capture his eye. To even see him glance her way gets her blood boiling. Always she’s ready to serve him his morning cup of espresso before even he asks for it. She’s ever ready to carry out whatever task he demands of her. Her co-workers including myself do get envious sometimes. A couple of times I catch her scampering into the bathroom to masturbate. I know this because she’s told me so. The very day she explained her desires to me. Not that I blame her for that. I’d do the same thing too if I were in her position.

A few days ago she took matters into her own hands and approached her boss. I was there, hence the reason I’m including snapshots for your viewing pleasure in case you think I’m lying.

It happened like this: it was nearing the end of the day and almost everyone was out of the building. The door opened and your daughter sauntered into his office. She had the top buttons of her blouse undone. Her boss immediately left his chair and met her halfway. He thanked her for all her hard work and then kissed her. She wasted no time baring her desire and feelings toward him, telling him how much she dreamed about wanting him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and blatantly told him to fuck her and make her scream . . . just as he’d done already with a couple other female staff who, too, wanted his attention.

Oh boy, did she get his attention. I wasn’t there to see this happen, but your daughter told me everything and it’s all true.

Her boss returned to his chair and she came and knelt before him. She unzipped his pants and whipped out his cock. He’s got a monster cock, her boss definitely has; I should know because I’ve sampled it too. Your daughter expressed her surprise to me later when she first beheld the sight of it. She cradled his cock with both hands and got down to sucking him. It was hard work for her, the same it had been when I first got to handle it. His cock, I tell you, is fucking huge, and his girth too wide. She admitted to me that her white boyfriend’s cock couldn’t compare to his size.

But she did do a good job slobbering down his shaft, even down to his balls while stroking his shaft. He seemed to love that part so much.

Afterwards he ordered her out of her clothes which she wasted no time doing while he got out of his. She presented her rump toward him and then lowered herself down on his thighs. His cock jutted like a tent pole between her legs as she balanced herself on him. I never thought she’d be able to fit his cock inside her but somehow she was determined to do so. She told me the whole time she was hurting and whimpering hard as his monster cock tore into her cervix. She raised herself higher and placed her feet on his knees and slowly rode his prick. He wedged her butt with his hands and jerked his hips and thighs now and then. Your daughter howled like crazy whenever he did that but she liked it, too. She was grinning soon enough while still gasping harder. She squirted over his cock; later she told me she must have climaxed twice.

She came off him and went and leaned over on the long sofa in his office. Her boss came over and rubbed the tip of his cum-stained prick up and down her vagina. She looked over her shoulder at him as he grabbed her hips then drove his cock into her. Yes, she did scream. A good thing her boss’s office is soundproof so no one outside his door could have heard.

She never stopped screaming as he spread her ass cheeks and stretched her pussy walls over and over. She climaxed some more as he went on fucking the shit out of her pussy. Later he settled on the couch and she got to ride him again. According to her, she rode him again, harder and faster this time. Her pussy was so stretched, I reckon she won’t be going out jogging for a while. It was a relief when finally he squirted his spray of cum inside her pussy.

P.S., just thought you should know before you hear it from anyone else, especially from her: your daughter is now pregnant!

The End