Younger White Women


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Since the thread "White Daughters" was scrubbed from the site a few weeks back, I decided to try and revive the thread. However, I am calling this thread "Younger White Women" because it seems like having a thread named "White Daughters" caused some people to get carried away and post pictures of females that didn't appear to be of age.

So, here are some basic rules to post in the thread:

1) Stay on topic. It's called "Younger White Women", and the idea is since there is a MILF thread we should have one for those who haven't quite reached that age yet. So if you want to post pictures of your 50 year old wife, post them there, not here.

2) If the female that you want to post a picture of doesn't look like she is old enough, then don't post it. If you like kiddie porn, look for it elsewhere and don't bring it here.

3) Be respectful of BtoW's term and rules.

So, leading off the thread....