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Does a BBC need to be african american? or can it also be a big dark cock from another decent?

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  1. Only african american

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  2. BBC is a BBC...regardless of heritage.

  1. YoungWild&Dirty

    YoungWild&Dirty New Member

    Hi everyone!
    Although I am a new member here, I am not new to this site. Ive been a regular visitor to for a long time now..and personally suprised I have taken this long to become a member.
    I really enjoy this website for a variety of reasons and feel that it brings out the dirtiest side of me..which i fucking love lol

    I find that most girls in all honesty would LOVE to have a BBC.. but wont admit so because of society or it being taboo in most I applaude the BBC lovers on here for being proud and just as dirty as I am haha.

    I find hot wives to be extremely hot and Im sure it wont be long until many of you hot wives here know how fun I can be and how spicy it can be to dip into the sexy wild dirty side of life ;)