Young San Fransico Cuckold On A Quest For His San Francisco Cuckoldress

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    I'm a 27 year old man located in San Francisco looking for women with similar interests. I'm 26, 5'4'', 140 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes and I'm just a normal guy in most ways. You won't believe how many women pick their jaws up from the floor and leave Peet's after I tell them I'll only be their sweet boyfriend if they fuck other men though! I know, it's weird they're not open to that, right? Well, I figured I'd use the power of the internet to find all the normal women in San Francisco. Haha! I don't really have any personal experience as a cuckold but I know I'd make the right woman very happy.

    I'd like to find a woman that wants a normal vanilla relationship in public with a healthy side of cuckolding behind closed doors. What does that mean to me, you ask? Cuckolding is so broad and varied and it could mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. So my ideal cuckold/cuckoldress relationship would be one where we develop a close, intimate, emotional bond. I want to be in a relationship where we're both crazy about each other. And if you hunger for it, I want you to satiate your appetite for great sex with big dicked alpha males. I want to be the submissive, loving and loyal cuckold BF that explores this wild, erotic and utterly extreme lifestyle with you. As an aspiring cuckold, I think my brain is wired a little differently then other men. I might be able to satisfy you. You might like small to average sized dick. But I want you to be toe curled, hardly speaking, pussy squirtingly satisfied. I think we can find a bull to make that happen, don't you agree?

    What else can I say about myself? I'm an artist. I'm open-minded. I'm sweet. I speak Spanish a bit below fluently. I'm kinky but I've just never acted upon my kinks. I hope to meet some cool women on here from the San Francisco Bay area and maybe even develop something with someone.

    You can message me at or just right on here on!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.