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young newbies looking to explore a fantasy

hey everyone, we're a young couple in our early 20's from NY who've been together for three years. we've talked about our fantasy of her cuckolding me and it turns both of us on. i think we're both getting ready to do it for real, but we're just making sure.
it'll mostly be me (the M) on here typing, but she looks over my shoulder all the time.
anyway, hope to get to know all of you.

-r & s
New Hampshire here. Get verified and send me a picture of her in front of the computer with my profile up and we can take it from there. If not, I am still more than willing to look at pictures of your partner and tell you what I would do to her.
as we feel a bit more comfortable on here we'll definately get verified, but for now i think we'd both like to remain as anonymous as possible. just in case someone stumbled across it.

don't know where to put the pictures though.
You can upload them right here. look down to your right "upload a file button" . Just blur out the faces, although you do realize you have already posted both your faces on your avatar?
Watch from under her as she gets it. then let her squat on your face. breath deep the scent of her and try to take in all the aroma. once you have tasted her sex this way it will change you forever. spunked pussy is intoxicating. A trill most cucks are too afraid to try. But you will be glad you did if you do. She wil take on a whole new role for your needs.