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Young hot blonde ..wanting to try the lifestyle.

We are a couple from Canada..he 37, she 25. Yes a little age difference. We work together and took awhile but it was destined to be. She went to the US for her college on a baseball scholarship..and lived in the dorm. She had her first BBC experience. Moved back here..and he had the BTW fantasies..while after hooking up it was discovered that she was turned on by it..and he well..liked that fact. She is very good looking, and has fantasies of rough sex with bbc. He finds it hard to indulge in anything rough cuz he worships her. So. She wants to be roughed up. She wants to try a big guy like back in college. She wants to learn to do anal. (she doesn't have much expereince..and actually says it doesnt feel good..but will obey). She wants to learn to serve. She wants her pussy to be bottomed out..he will like the feeling of fucking her pussy after. He wants her to do real bad things, like being made to rim her bbc lover. She has to agree. She in return wants to have her clit licked while her pussy gets owned. good deal. any takers? Oh will not post pics on here for obv reasons...but will share them with interested