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    Based out of SoCal. I'm 28, young looking, handsome, highly educated, well-traveled and have a decent understanding of all sort of things like history, science, business, and culture. I'm a connoisseur of many things. I can carry a conversation with anyone and will challenge your intellect. I love picking people's mind and seeing the overall thought process on how they solve complex problems. You won't be banging a brainless degenerate I can promise you that.

    I'm looking for white girls preferably blondes to let me pound the shit out of her, make her worship my rock hard dick, and do all sort of other dirty and fun things. I'm a superfreak with great stamina. I've busted a nut 8x in one day once. So if you think you can handle that PM me.

    Btw I know the vast majority of the women on this website have a fetish which involves BBC. But let me put things into perspective for you...hapa (white/asian mix) offsprings are super exotic and highly intelligent, and they all have straight and beautiful hair, not nappy curly hair. The attached pictures is one example of what a hapa offspring looks like. She's a 18 year old up and coming supermodel who is white and Japanese mixed.

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