Young Couple from SoCal

Hello all you can call me J for the time being until I get more comfortable with the site and not being discovered by someone we know. I have spoke with my girlfriemd about a bbc experience and she isnt sure about it. We have a very close friend that is really into black guys. Her current bf was her first and well shes been pretty helpful and fun to talk with. Back to more about us Im a mixed pacific islander and she is a sexy fit blonde. Yea I realize this seems to be everyones girlfriend but I assure you were real. Both 24 and well as usual I am way more into it than she is right now but weve arranged for all of us to hit Vegas for their birthdays and we will just see where things go. :)
While you do have a point its still a somewhat new forum to me and since nothing. Just prefer to take things slow till I get comfortable so nothing is posted that we may regret later down the line. On a side note there was about of progress the other day with some roleplay as our friend.