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    Not sure if this is the right forum to post this, but there are no others I know of so I thought I'd ask here. I'm not your typical cuckold in that I'm not married or middle aged. I'm 22 very good looking athletic, girls like me, I play tennis and you wouldn't know this about me if you met me. The other thing is that I've never had a black guy cuckold me, it happened with a Latin guy lol so dunno if that's OK for this forum. His skin IS pretty dark (darker than many American black guys' skin) but his face doesn't look black, more Hispanic or Latin so I was wondering if it's OK to post here about it.

    He's also around my age, more muscular than me, very good-looking and full of "badass" attitude. Ever since I've had a threesome with him and my girlfriend the two of them have been hooking up on their own from time to time. He's very cocky and loves to rub it in my face. And I mean that literally she doesn't know it but lately I've been paying him about $70 about every week to let me suck his thick brown cock. He says he loves seeing it stretch my lips and knowing that it's the same cock that's fucking my gf's tight pussy. And he likes that I pay him for it.
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    Like ur honesty and good luck here
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    Good luck on what you seek.