You Wanna Play Rough???


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Almost any woman I've been with, regardless of Race and Ethnicity, confess to want it rough sometimes. Despite the image they may portray on the exterior, there's apart of them that wants to be taken. I'm not talking anything criminal. While they enjoy being made love to, they also like the hair pulling, getting their ass spanked, pushing their head down as they perform oral, being lifted into the air, etc.

So how rough do you like it? What have you done/have done to you? Is there anything you want done to you?

gf was sooo sweet and vanilla in our love making, but after a chance encounter ( cuckold stories " they really are that big" ) now she has been gagged, spitroasted, ass slapped, cock slapped by 2 huge bbc, cum over, hair pulled, and name called, and all this just makes her wetter, fuck harder, and cum repeatedly