...you never go back.


“You know what they say about black guys?”

Laura said, tracing a finger along the length of my stiffening cock. My stomach twisted. I knew where this was going, I even jerked off to the thought of it, but I didn’t want it to really happen.

I didn’t reply, but she didn’t care.

“James is this big.”

She took my hard cock in her hand and hovered her other hand above it. Maybe 4 inches above it. That made him 10 inches long.

“I couldn’t fit one hard around him either.”

She showed me with her two hands how thick his cock was, again hovering around mine. Crushing any ego I had left.

“And I came all over it.”

I could never get her to cum. I would get her close, but it just never happened. That mother fucker from her homeroom, the black fucker who would point and laugh at me with his friends because Laura was the only girl among her friends not fucking a black guy. Yeah, that asshole finally “hit it”.

Laura and James were both freshmen, I was a senior. I’m supposed to have seniority, right? I’m supposed to be dominant. There was something gut wrenching about that. Knowing some kid was unfairly hung and could pleasure my Laura in ways I couldn’t. And he wasn’t shy about his unfair advantage. He sent Laura a picture of himself, “all hanging out” as she put it when laughing with her friend Allison over the phone. I remember wanting to curl up and die, watching her leave the room to go chat with Allison in private. I crept up to her computer and was shocked to find this.

He was in better shape than me. He was more confident than me. And my god, he was hung.

“We can still fuck I guess, but I’m his when he wants me.” She whispered, kissing my ear. Stroking my skinny 6 inches, she whispered, “This doesn’t cut it anymore.”

She drew her fingernails across the length of me, something she knew I loved. I couldn’t help but think if she did this to him. In the moment, my lust betrayed me.

“He made you cum.”

“Three times. I cried the first time, I came so hard on him. And he didn’t slow down. He just kept fucking me.”

The thought of his lean body and that massive black cock of his punching into her tiny, pale body, his black hands all over her perky B cup breasts. Imagining him kissing her, her kissing back. Her sucking on his tongue, like she’d do with me. He probably choked her, like he said he would. Wrapped his hands around her neck and really started bucking into her. He probably turned her onto her side, lifted her leg, and fucked her in positions I never thought of or wasn’t endowed enough to pull off.

Laura pulled off her panties and climbed on top of me. She rubbed her tiny, hairless pussy along my cock. It was wet and warm.

“He told me to fuck you.” She said, leaning her head down to watch herself fit the tip of me in her. Then, slowly, sensually, she eased down, slithering onto me writhing with her hips. She’d never done that before.

“You... you still feel good.” She purred. “But so small.”

She lifted up and sank back down, hard, pushing herself down all the way onto my balls.

“He wanted me to think of how much better he could fuck me. How white boys can’t compare.”

I tried to hold on. She sat up and rode me. Again slithering from side to side, back and forth. It was like she was belly dancing on top of me. She pushed her tiny tits together, pinched her nipples, and smiled wickedly down at me.

“He’s so much bigger. So much better.”

I fought for as long as I could.

“I love James.”

She knew that would do it. And it did. I spasmed and spasmed, and it was like her teenage pussy drank me. Milked me.

Lifting off of me, she pulled her panties back on and walked to the bathroom.

“James was right. You’ll be easy to forget.”
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