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    My first marriage was to a nice guy who turned into a total computer geek. He'd come home from work and sit at his computer and play games endlessly. He lost interest in everything we had been doing since we got married including sex!

    I was still in college and very active and had met several men whom I found exciting and soon I began wondering why these hotties showed more interest in me than my own husband did. I began to go out for lunch or a drink with one of the guys I met at the campus gym and soon our talk turned to having an affair. I wondered how I could get out of the house without my husband wondering what I was doing so one day I bought a bike and announced that I had taken up riding for exercise, something I knew my husband wouldn't be into. Every night I would get out my bike and go for a nice long ride, if you know what I mean.

    My lover lived near our apartment so I could make it to his place in less than ten minutes and spend almost an hour fucking his big, black cock before riding home sweaty and exhausted. No questions asked. I even had a reason for complaining about being sore.

    Give it a try ladies. He won't catch on. 702_1000.jpg
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    My first wife wanted a lot more than I was able to give and she complained that I was small and came too fast. I knew she had a black lover on the side but I did not expect them to tie me up, torture me and make me do bi and gay things. After she left me I was very lonely and realized how much I needed this type of relationship. I am now available to submit to a couple who would treat me like that. Prefer black couple.
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    Love that storey, I would love to voting a girl to watch with other men. :)