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Hello everyone. I am a white male in my early 20's. My gf has recntly had her first black cock, and I am pretty surprised at how happy I was about it. Dont get me wrong we are a semi-open couple, she has been fucking my good friend Paul for a while now, as well as one of her ex boyfriends from time to time. I dont have an extremely small cock or anything, i would say its average. Her ex is smaller than me but Paul is much longer and wider than me. She has always loved Pauls cock. Well she was at a party recently and happened to meet a cute black guy.Usually she is not at all interested in black guys but she said there was something about him. She just felt like she NEEDED to fuck him.

When she told me at first I was very aroused but pissed at the same time. But as she explained how it made her feel I couldnt stop but from getting rock hard. She said he had the biggest cock she has ever seen. He really stretched her out.

They have actually fucked twice after the intial "meeting" and everytime he has fucked my girl, he has never once wore a condom or pulled out. She tells me she loves feeling his raging huge black cock shoot cum deeper inside of her than she has ever felt. They had sex yesterday in the our bedroom while I had to wait in the living room. After they fucked he left immediately and my gf made me lick her pussy clean. I was amazed by the amount of cum his cock had injected in her sweet pussy. She was literally just gushing and oozing his cum. I could feel it sloshing around in my belly when I was done cleaning her.

I have come to the realization that my girl was made for BBC. I truly think this is what we are meant to do. She said she wouldnt even mind if he got her pregnant and now I am not allowed to cum in her anymore. As frustrating as it is, I love the idea of my gf and future wife pleasing a BBC.

Here is a few pics, of my cock and her ass. She has a great ass, and her black stud loves to fuck her from behind. Let me know what you think of the pics. She tells me my cock is okay, but since she has been fucking this stud of a black lover she keeps saying its too skinny to fill her up. cock1.jpg cock2.jpg ass1.jpg


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Your girl has got a lovely butt. Would be good if you take one more closer to see her tan lines, if she has any.

I know a lot of white guys out there who'd wish they were in your shoes, to have a GF like yours who isn't afraid to declare what she did to you. That's a white girl to keep.