Write me a story?

The lesbian part, if that's what it was, has to do with Cynthia, who was sometimes there with Will, the black guy whose thick cock Laurie is caressing while she french kisses his asshole. Laurie liked frenching Will's asshole, feeling his thick cock get even thicker as she tongued him. She liked thinking of how that cock would feel inside her. But she wasn't in a rush. As long as she was touching his cock in some way she felt secure. Sometimes he would tease her by not letting her touch, kiss or hold his cock. Sometimes he would punish her by bringing Cynthia.

Cynthia was a strong shapely black woman who liked to dominate white women and for that matter, white men. She would put Laurie over her lap and spank her ass until it was bright red and Laurie was in tears. Only then would Laurie be allowed to put will's black cock in her mouth, which would comfort her. But often Cynthia would have other uses for Laurie first. Cynthia wanted her ass french kissed too. Her stroke black butt cheeks snapped into place around poor Laurie's helpless white face.

It was very hot watching Cynthia punish Laurie. It seemed natural. The truth, though I’m embarrassed to admit it, is that I would often get the same treatment from Will. He liked to "spank me up", as he put it. *They* liked to spank us up. Sometimes I’d be over Will's lap, that thick cock stabbing my belly, his right hand laying into my ass, as Laurie watched and played with herself.

She could come just watching Will abuse me — spank me, send electricity though me by fingering my asshole.

"Leave him with me Laurie. Give me two days with him. When you come back he'll be just like a little girl. Soon as I get this black cock of mine up his ass, he'll be just like you. He'll crave it."

Why do so many white women get turned on watching white men getting fucked and abused by stronger black men?
Um ... I like stories ... I do stories! Must have elements of truth though to be good. Interactive to be great! Kinky ones are the best!

Lesbian ... and what else pray tell? Clearly, you like character development and have a subtle erotic taste. No "in your face raunchiness" til it's been earned ... I get that.

VERY nice towel btw.

Thing is ... I can see your exquisite curves but where are your kinks?

I can't be sure, but I kinda think the two characters below are lesbian ... at least they seemed that way judging from the cock shriveling chill I got when I tried to introduce myself.


I have a true story posted up. Don't know what you might think of it, but I'd like to learn to better my writing. Maybe even start a collaboration one day, with some real-life scenarios acted out together...? (Here's hoping.)
Got your note pretty woman ... I hate it when work gets in the way of more important matters! I expect one more day of crazy busy and then back to story writing! Don't give up on me ...