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Wow, One Step Closer

Last month my wife and I took a night out to ourselves. In doing so I had big plans to see how she might be interested in sharing or anything of the such. All she knew was that we were going out, she had no idea where or what the real plan was.

What I told her was that I wanted to try some roll playing and that we were going to go out to dinner and when we got there the roll playing would start. The only other thing I told her was that we were to be strangers and that we would act as if we didn't know each other.

When we got to the restaurant I headed to was my hands, when I returned we started. I pretended to be a stranger in town for the night and had no one to sit with and asked if she would allow me to sit with her. She agreed. We spent dinner talking and sharing stories and looks and touches. It was so hot, she was so hot.

When we were done, I paid for dinner and began to leave. She invited me to walk her to her car. When we reached it, she gave me this huge deep kiss. Not something she does in public. I began making my move and reached down and grabbed her sexy ass. Then I used the story that I was a photographer and would love to shoot some pictures of her. She said that might be fun.

I then took her back to a hotel room I had already arranged for us. Once inside the door, all bets were off. It took us at least 10 minutes to get off the door. We finally turned on the lights and some music to set the mood. I snapped a few shots of her and her sexy legs. As I did, she teased me by showing more and more leg. Next thing I knew she was standing in front of me in her corset and stockings begging me to take some sexy pictures. She said it would be for her husband which made me rock hard.

She teased me as I took some more shots, then she said it was her turn. She took the camera from me and started telling me what she wanted and slowly she had me striped and ready for her. Only that isn't what she had in mind. She blindfolded me and laid me on the bed. I don't know how long it was, but she teased and fondled and kissed and sucked me till I was begging for more. By the end of the night we had both cum several times.

Since then we have continued the roll playing. The main one we use now is getting massages from strange hot people. The other day she played someone who couldn't pay for her massage so she had to "Be Creative." She gave one of the best blow jobs that night.

Then last night we were teasing again. I asked her if she had gotten a massage that day and she said no, he wasn't available. So I asked her what she was thinking about getting from him. She said a full service massage, that she really really needed one. I asked her what that meant and she said that typically he would rub her down and then work his magic in those special areas woman need rubbed. I asked what she preferred him to rub them with and immediately I got, HIS COCK. She never talks that way.

She continued teasing me and I finally asked, would you let him slip it in. She said, Oh Yes, I have to pay for them some how. I couldn't resist and asked, would you make him wear a condom? She replied, no, you never wear a condom, I am not going to start letting anyone inside me with one now. Then I couldn't resist, Where were you going to have him cum? Inside me darling, DEEP inside me, if I am going to become a slut, its going to be a true slut not a tease.

I couldn't stop myself, I filled her up as much and as deep as I could. I could feel her squeezing my shaft, milking my balls of every drop. I am not sure if its because she liked the idea or if she knew it was such a huge turn on for me, but either way, she is at least thinking about being with other men.