Working the night shift

My wife used to call me at work every night before she went to bed. I did not know she was talking to the yard man, before he told me she was on the phone. After this went on for a while the yard man asked me what I would do if a woman was teasing me. I told him it sounded like she was looking to get laid then he asked me if I would take his place for an hour or two.

He did not come back until 4 AM I asked him how it was he told me she was a real good fuck thinking no more of this and said nothing to him. The next night he told me the woman that called him again I told him to go take care of her he came back three hours later this went on for about a week before I found out it was my wife he was fucking.

After my wife told me what was going on my last night on the night shift I told the yard man was going to be working days he could take care my wife while I was at work he had no idea I knew about it but he took me up on my offer.