Women: Do you actually enjoy penises that are so long they can't go all the way in?


Just looking to get some female perspective here. Do you ladies actually enjoy penises that are so long that they can't go all the way in? I've seen this in porn a lot and it looks like the chick is just being poked and prodded. It really seems to lack intimacy in a way. I would think women might actually prefer a perfect fit, or a slightly shorter penis so they can "bottom out," make that ass bounce from contact, and make that pelvis-to-pelvis connection. I know a lot of women prefer girth, but is being bit too long actually a bit of a negative? Any ladies care to chime in?
The old bit of poetry;

Long and thin goes too far in and doesn't please the ladies,
Short and think does the trick and manufactures babies.

I remember my grandmother teaching me that years and years ago!


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Nope.....too long that does not go all the way in is too much for me. While I do like length, thickness is more important overall as long as a man is at least a certain length.