Women being Naughty in Public Places


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Ole dead thread but I'm game ...

Behind a local business down the street from our condo View attachment 488092

Outside on the patio with some random strip club hookup ... our parking lot is on the other side of those bushes with condos lining the opposite side of the lot. We walked home from the pool, drunk, naked ... View attachment 488093
@trista4pleasure843 You hook up with female strippers and walk home naked from the club with them. Dam I love you! My type of chic all the way - Rock on with your bad-self. :blackgrimace::blackgreedy:

Here where they do this at? I'd like to move there.

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Great hun I nearly got caught fucking like that best fuck I had
Had a mini van at the time. Was with a guy behind a warehouse. It was a Saturday afternoon. The placed looked closed. I was completely naked and he had his pants to his ankles and we were going at it. We hadn't noticed a security guard had walked up on us. When the guy that was with me got off the security guard applauded. Then the security guard said, "You look like you need another cock in you." The security guard walked up, pulled out his cock and I let him fuck me. When the guard came, he pulled out, zipped up and said, "You need to be careful where you play. You never know what'll happen." He then walked away and around the corner of the building. We then heard the sound of a car and watched the security guard drive away. I remember thinking afterward that that could have gone bad, but luckily it went really well.