Wives who left marriages for Black Lover

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    This question is for cucks and/or wives whose marriage ended because the wife left for her black lover.
    From a cuck's perspective, I'd like to know the following:
    • Did you sense your wife starting to slip away from you emotionally before she made the decision?
    • Did your wife's black lover ever tell you he wanted to take your wife?
    • Did you ask her to stay after she said she was leaving?
    • Did it, or does it excite you that she was leaving you for her black lover?
    • Are you still in contact with her in any form?
    • Has she contacted you since and said she is: Happier than ever, content, or regretting her decision
    • Has she had any children with her black lover since leaving you?
    • Did your wife still want you support her financially after she started her new life with her black lover?
    • Anything else you want to add.
    From the wife's perspective, I'd like to know the following:
    • How long after being with your black lover did you start to fall for him?
    • Were you hesitant to end your marriage for your lover?
    • Did you feel any guilt after ending the marriage to start your new life with your black lover?
    • Have you contacted your ex to either check in, to rub it in, or to tease your ex-cuck?
    • Besides court-ordered alimony or baby support, have you ever asked or demanded that your ex-cuck support you and your black lover financially?
    • Have you ended up having children with your black lover after leaving your marriage?
    • Is there any part of you wants what you had with your ex-cuck back?
    • Have you stayed with the black lover you left your ex-cuck for, or have you moved on to a new black man?
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    These are all very interesting questions. I always love to know what white ladiesare thinking when they go for bbc and fall head over heals for black males. Annother one of my favs is : will she devote herself in trying to get other whitegirls ( her sister, sister in law, cousin,best friend) to go black. .and commit to a race traitor.
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