Wives who fall in love with their BBC and BBC's who love them

My ex wife was my fiance when we started in the lifestyle. She actually fell in love with the first BBC she fucked. He was only the second guy she had ever fucked, other than me, and he was huge, about 10 inches. According to her, the first time he put his dick in her she squirted all over him and the bed. They went from sneaking around once a month or so, to fucking weekly and actually going out on dates. I had several people report to me that they had seen them out together. He ended up going to jail for about 6 months and they lost contact completely. She confided to me that had he not been put in jail she was planning on leaving me for him.

She ended up having romantic feelings for every guy she fucked though. She always said the sex was better if she loved the guy. Ended up leaving me for the last lover she had during our marriage. White guy unfortunately.
Ah its ok. Like I said, she fell in love with pretty much all of her lovers. In fact some of them stopped seeing her because of that very reason. She was open about loving them after that first one.
I thought that too honestly. The most important thing is to committ to having open communication about everything. Especially when feelings start to go beyond just sex. Mine ended up telling me she wasn't seeing the guys she's with anymore only to start seeing him behind my back. She went so far as to completely cut me off from sex so she wouldn't be cheating on him. He took over, like a real bull will do, and made her into his completely.


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If u love someone it's difficult to love someone else. Love is a thing, sex is another thing. Indeed I speak for me
Although I agree with you, it is possible to develop strong feelings for someone else. I love my hubby but I was seeing a regular guy for a large part of summer 13 and I really began to like him. He was funny, considerate and, yes, great at sex. He was a big guy in all senses of the word and I really looked forward to going out with him, in fact I had quite a crush on him. To the point, as I have mentioned before, I messed around with my birth control pill, taking it on and off. I mentioned this to him and we split soon after, I sort of wish I hadnt mentioned it to him but probably for the best.
I do not want a regular nice guy again because of this. Thats why I liked being 'owned' or now will go again for one night stands- so there are no emotional attachments.
Heres a pic of me and my guy having a real fun night out! X photo-21.JPG