Wives that Share Pt. 2

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    Someone muted the sound of the TV, leaving the music coming from the stereo to play on. Alek took his glass and returned to his chair while Dennis pushed the centre table to a corner to make more space before coming back to join them. Mona was sandwiched between her boss and Maurice while Ade danced with Ana. Their bodies clashed and mingled against each other; bursts of laughter and giggles merged as one.

    Alek’s eyes moved from one woman to the other. Maurice was behind Mona and had his hands on her hips while she wrapped her arms around Dennis’ neck, pulling his face towards hers. Ade was taking control of the situation: he had Ana in his arms and was kissing her while at the same time grinding his hips against hers. Alek drained the remainder of his glass then sat back to enjoy the show; his erection was throbbing within his pants.

    Clothes began to loosen. Dennis and Maurice joined hands getting Mona out of her evening dress. Alek wasn’t surprised to see that just like his wife, she too, wasn’t wearing any panties, aside from her black nylon stockings and garter belt. Her tits fell like a pair of balloons. Both men reached for one and popped it into their mouth. She stood between them, resting her arms on their shoulders and surrendered herself to her delight as one of them massaged the growth of dark hair that was her pussy region. Ana was kneeling before Ade sucking his cock. Her hands were on his hips while he bent over her, pulling up her skirt to get sight of her ass. A while later she stood up for him to help her out of her clothes. By this time Mona was sitting on the sofa with Dennis feeding her his cock from within his pants while Maurice had his head buried between her open legs. The moans coming from her mouth rose and fell sharply while her hips undulated themselves to the pleasure she was receiving from Maurice’s probing tongue.

    Ana grinned at her husband while Ade stood beside her, working himself quickly out of his clothes. When done, he kicked his shoes and clothes to the side then came after Ana. He roughly pulled down her dress then gobbled on her tits while his hands rummaged over her body. He was a predator and she was his prey, and the look of happiness on her face would have dispelled any from thinking she wasn’t having fun. He lay on the carpet floor while she sat on his face, offering him her fanny while his cock stood in front of her like a tent pole. But not for long as her mouth found it and jammed it down her throat. Alek unzipped his pants and stroked his cock while he watched.

    From the sofa, Maurice was now thrusting his cock into Mona, holding her legs on his shoulders, while Dennis took off his clothes. Mona cried out in response to Maurice’s cock slamming into her. Dennis returned to them, now naked, and as if they’d planned it, Maurice got up and started undressing while Dennis took his place. He leaned over her and Mona’s moans filled the room each time he buried his cock all the way inside her cunt. Her hands came to his shoulders and she held onto him while he kept on fucking her.
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