Do you trust your wife or girlfriend to go out for a night on the town on her own?

  • Yes, no worries here.

    Votes: 32 40.5%
  • No, I know she'd be fucking some stud by the end of the night.

    Votes: 21 26.6%
  • I'm not sure. I worry a little.

    Votes: 8 10.1%
  • Probably okay, but if she met the right guy, you never know.

    Votes: 17 21.5%
  • Geez, I never really thought about it.

    Votes: 1 1.3%

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This is how it started for us. An innocent evening out with her friends and ran into a hot black guy at a club who just had the right stuff. They ended up back at his place where she experienced her first black cock and her first man since being married. She told me about it a few months later which led to our current lifestyle.
I am yrying to gey my wife to take a girls weekend so she can get some.bbc , i want to hear that she.did him bareback,.and that she let him fuckl her till wee hours of the moring and.then she.can come.home.to tell me about