Wishing to marry a Cuckoldress/HotWife

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    Wealthy SWM from Europe is looking for a slim, smart, and a light dominant Lady (but extreme in cuckolding) to get married and becoming an ultimate cuckold. Absolutely serious!
    i dream to become Her C3, shut away in a chastity belt forever, become Her slut and bitch, ready to clean Her up always & everywhere and... if desired by Her, even to serve also Her bulls.
    More informations and some pics on Matt Acuckold | Facebook
    Maybe i shall add, that i will be happy if my future Wife would be a nymphomanic Lady with a faible for sexy&provocative outfits, who enjoys mental domination and total humiliation of Her husband-cuckold.
    i am single, completely unattached, mobile and can relocate (if necessary) or invite my Lady to move to me
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.