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wish it would of happend

hi cuck j hear to tell a story if my girlfriend and her sister would of fuck a bbc in front of me well hear it goes it started as a normal day me and my girl were hanging out when her sister called talking about she couldn't take it any more she needed to get out of the house for a bit cause she was leave with her aunt while her man was doing time in jail so we head over there when we arrived she was fighting with the aunt so we told her we were leaving she told us to pick her up down the street so we did it felt like high school all over again lol she got in the car and we drove off she asked if she could use my phone to call her friend she talk to her friend as we pulled into our house she asked if we wanted to going chill for a bit at the friends house we agreed and headed out we pulled into the driveway when a black men came out to find out this guy was my girlfriends sisters lover she see him from time to time we went in and chilled talking about the fight I was sitting in the corner of the room when he started flirting with my sister in law talking about how she could take a dick my girlfriend just smiled and then he turn and ask her if she took dick like her sister my girl just laugh I sat there in shock as he pulled out his ten inch black cock my girls eyes pop open her sister look at me and whispered don't worry as she pulled down my shorts and pulled my seven inch dick out she puled on it and I got hard as a rock my girl seen I was ok with it and started sucking his cock gag as she tried to deepthroat his it he pulled her off as he was about to cum he lead he to his bed out of my view all I could hear was the pounding he was give her then as I shot my load on her sisters hand she got up and walk to the room were they were at more pounding noise come from the room I shot two more times and left outside to smoke both came out with smiles on there faces and got into the car on the way home I could smell the mixer of pussy juice and cum wow want a night