Wish I never went to the party


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My parents were going away for a long weekend break;
something they often did; leaving my brother Steve who
is twenty two, my sister Iris, eighteen and myself to
our own devices; I loved this because I could more or
less do as I pleased, coming in late or even staying
out all night at one of my friend's homes, anyway
enough of my background.

It was Friday evening, the beginning of the Easter
holidays and my friend Sarah, who is six months older
than me at fifteen, and I, were going to a party her
cousin Ann had told her about, she offered to take us
with her. We often went to parties but they were mostly
organized by friends, or people our own age group! This
party however turned out to be entirely different.

We got off the bus in this really run down area of
Birmingham called Newtown, an odd name for a place that
was so old and dilapidated, I had never been to this
place before and didn't much like it. Ann led us along
these old cobbled streets where most of the people we
saw were black or Asian; it was beginning to get dark
as we entered another street and as we chatted we could
hear music in the distance, gradually getting louder as
we approached the house with the party.

Outside the house were a few black men talking and
laughing, I felt distinctly uneasy as we entered the
house, someone squeezed my bum, making me jump forward
against another man who grabbed me and kissed me on the
lips, he laughed as I pulled away and followed Ann and
Sarah into a back room; he and some other's followed in
behind us blocking the doorway and any chance of

Two other men came up to Ann and kissed her, speaking
to her by name as if they had known her for years; one
of the men had his hand inside her blouse and was
feeling her breasts, while the other man was asking
her! "Who are your friends?" Above the sound of the
music I thought I heard him ask! "Are they here for
jig, jig?" I was stunned; it was common knowledge at
the time that black people referred to sex as jig, jig;
it was at this point that I felt someone's hand cupping
and squeezing my left tit, I tried to pull away but I
was being held firmly by the owner of the hand.

I looked at Sarah who was also being groped by two
other men, she was struggling and I heard her tell them
to get their dirty black hands off her; this brought
laughter from some of the other's in the room. I was
pulled to the side of the room and was given a bottle
of bear and told to drink it; at the same time two men
were rubbing up against me, one behind and one in
front; sort of dancing to the music.

I had no option but to move my body along with them,
but I was getting really scared now; my tits were being
mauled and I could feel the hard bulges of the men
pressing and rubbing against my arse and crotch. I was
being forced to drink the bottle of bear; I had drank
bear many times before, but this tasted awful; I later
found out that it was doctored with rum. Other men were
now continually kissing and touching me; hands were up
my skirt feeling my vagina; I was struggling as best I
could to stop them pulling my knickers down.

I was made to drink two more bottles of the horrible
bear while it seemed everyone in the room was trying to
feel me up, or snog me; making me gag as their tongues
were forced into my mouth; the taste of their saliva
and the smell of smoke and booze on their breath was
sickening. I was trying frantically to search for Ann
and Sarah in the room as men continued to molest me: I
needed the toilet urgently!

I was told it was upstairs and two men said they would
show me; my head felt very woozy as I climbed the
stairs, it must have been the drink. I looked into a
room as I passed and saw two people having sex; it was
Ann and one of the men she first spoke to; I was
shocked, I had never seen anyone having sex before. I
found myself being led into another room where I heard
Sarah's voice coming from the bed: "No stop, please
stop your hurting me, please don't do it any more."
There were several men in the room laughing and egging
the man on who I could see on top of her; he was raping

It seemed like a dream as I was led into another room
followed by several more men! I suddenly realized they
were stripping off my clothes; I began to struggle and
scream but only got my face slapped so hard for my
trouble it made my ears ring and my head spin. They had
my blouse and bra off; I was struggling and crying;
trying hard to fend off the hands grabbing at my tits,
and to hold my skirt in place as they pulled at it;
then it too was gone.

I was dragged on to a smelly bed and held down hands
were roaming all over my body; pulling at my tits,
twisting my nipples; causing me to cry out with pain.
My knickers were literally torn off me and hands were
at my vagina; tearing at the sparse pubic hair that
covered my mons! Fingers were trying to gain entrance;
my labia being pulled apart; through my crying and
pleading I heard an angry voice! "She's tight, the
bitch is tight as a drum; I can't even get one finger
in her."

Someone climbed on top of me; I screamed; he lifted my
legs up on to his shoulders and maneuvered himself into
position! "I'll soon open her up; when I get my dick up
her she'll stretch like an elastic band." I could feel
him probing at my pussy, his cock trying to find my
opening; then he was there; I felt the head of his cock
pressing into my entrance; I screamed, "Nooo, No, stop,
please don't."

Then it happened! I pissed myself; before he could rape
me I pissed all over his penis; he pulled back and
because of the way my legs were up on his shoulders; I
pissed right in his face and down the front of him; the
room erupted with laughter and as he tried to escape
the torrent of piss his friends held him in place until
I stopped pissing; he was spluttering and spitting,
trying to get my piss out of his mouth; he tried to
punch me but the others stopped him and dragged him off

I lay there crying as the other men made fun of my
would be rapist; I wasn't saved for long though! They
pulled me further over on the bed away from the wet
patch and another man got between my legs; I felt him
probing for my entrance; he found it and pushed just
inside; swiveling his hips so that his pr-cum would
lubricate me a little. I screamed as he suddenly
pressed forward and his cock hit against my hymen; he
stayed still for what seemed an eternity, but was in
fact only seconds. I pleaded with him! "Please don't do
this to me, 'sobs', please don't rape me; I'm only
fourteen; I-I'm still a virgin."

He ignored my plea and pulled back a little; then
thrust forward! I screamed at the top of my lungs as
his cock burst through; tearing away my hymen; I kept
on screaming but no sound came from my mouth; the pain
was unbearable and I think I passed out just for a few
seconds. I came too and he was thrusting himself in and
out of me; after the initial agony and shock of losing
my virginity, the pain became a little more bearable, I
think the mixture of my blood and the mans own pre-cum
made it easier for him to ride me. He began to move a
lot faster, he was grunting and groaning; then he kept
saying, "I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum."

I came to my senses, realizing what he was going to do
I screamed at him! "No... No... Don't, please...
please... Don't, not inside me... I'll get pregnant?"

It did no good; he pushed all the way into me and shot
his load of spunk!

"Agh... agh... oh god... that's great; I've just busted
my first white cherry."

I lay there beneath him crying softly, as his dick
began to soften and then slip out of my vagina making a
loud plopping sound.

As soon as the first man got off me another took his
place and quickly rammed his stiff dick into my vagina;
taking not a blind bit of notice to my pleading and
begging him! "Please don't rape me." My head was jerked
to one side making me cry out in pain; as my mouth
opened a thick black cock was forced inside.

I tried to pull my head away and to close my mouth but
only succeeded in biting and scraping the cock with my
teeth; this brought a yell from the owner of the cock,
who grabbed my cheeks and pressed them in painfully
with his rough hands; he squeezed my nostrils together
between his thumb and forefinger so I couldn't breath;
he snarled at me, "You bite my prick again and I'll
knock your fucking teeth down your throat; now suck it
and make sure you swallow all my juice."

I did as he said, even though the thickness of his dick
was making my jaw hurt: While all this was taking
place! The man fucking me was nearing his climax; I
prayed he wouldn't cum inside me; my prayers weren't
answered: he pushed right inside me and flooded my
pussy with his spunk. Another man quickly took his
place between my wide stretched legs and began fucking

The cock in my mouth was jerking and sperm was being
pumped down my throat; I started choking and gagging
but my nostrils were again squeezed, forcing me to keep
swallowing in order to gain a little air into my lungs;
this also caused sperm to flow into my lungs.

My degradation continued for several hours, the only
break I got was when I was desperate to use the toilet
again, one of the men dragged me off the bed by my arm;
I thought he would pull it out of its socket it hurt so
much! "You better piss good we don't want you pissing
on anyone else do we?" More laughter as the black man
pushed me into the toilet; I sat on the seat sobbing
and I could feel all the spunk running out of my

When I had finished I looked into the toilet bowl and
saw a mixture of my blood and piss; also a lot of
slimy, whitish spunk floating on the top: before I
could even flush the toilet I was pulled out and into
the room where I had seen Sarah being raped; she was
still there on the bed; a man was fucking her really
hard, and another had his cock in her mouth forcing her
to suck it; she just lay there with her eyes closed
letting them use her, without making any sound.

I was pushed face down on the smelly bed beside Sarah,
sort of on my knees with my bum in the air, a man got
on the bed behind me to shag me doggy style; although I
had heard other girls talking about this sexual
position, I assumed it was so the man could fuck a girl
up her cunt; how wrong I was; he shoved his penis up my
fanny and screwed me for a minute or two then withdrew
it: I was utterly shocked when I felt the tip of his
dick prodding at the entrance to my anus; I tried to
pull away from him but he grabbed my hair, jerking my
head back so hard I thought my neck would break!

"No... don't... stop it... you can't do it there,
aghhhh don't... noooo.... please stop... aghhhh...
aghhh... no stoppp... itssss hurting meee?" It was
shear agony as he forced his cock past my tight
sphincter; he stopped a moment; then he was pressing it
into my arse again! "Agh, no... no... agh... don't...
please God stop him... it... hurtsss...?"

He stopped for another moment, then withdrew a little;
I thought I was saved any more pain; wrong again! "Oh
God nooo...don't, agh...stop... please...it's hurting
me, aghhhh... ehhh... aaagh... take it out."

He ignored my pleas; sliding his cock all the way into
my arse until I felt his balls against my pussy; there
was a lot of pain right inside my stomach; then he
began fucking me; in and out, in and out, in and out,
it seemed to last hours, but was probably only a minute
or so before he grunted and came inside my bum; he
began to soften and slowly withdrew his cock from my
arse; it felt like I was having a really stiff shit!

"Fuck you; you dirty cunt; you've shit on my dick!" He
shouted slapping me on my arse a few times as hard as
he could! More laughter from the other men: Even though
it hurt I began to laugh uncontrollably; I must have
seen the funny side of it. I just stayed where I was I
think I was in a sort of shocked state; he got off the
bed and muttering about what a dirty bastard I was and
wiped my shit off his dick on the curtains.

Immediately another man took his place and was shoving
his big black cock up my arse; I tried to pull away,
but he had a much easier job to get into me because of
the spunk deposited by the first man who had bummed me.
Another man was kneeling in front of me now, telling me
to open my mouth and to suck his prick; automatically
my mouth opened to accept the smelly, foul tasting
penis and I began sucking; it was all I could do to
stop myself from gagging and throwing up; the taste and
smell was awful.

The man up my arse was really ramming his dick into me,
although it slid in and out more easily due to the
sperm inside my bum, it was still very painful. Without
warning my mouth was filling up with slimy horrible
tasting spunk; the prick in my mouth was jerking and
spewing its load; again I was being forced to swallow
it as my nostrils were squeezed together; the prick
finished spurting and quickly softened, slipping from
my mouth; I began coughing and spitting, trying to get
as much of the spunk out of my mouth as I could.

The man fucking my bum pulled out, he lay on his back
and ordered me to straddle him, which I did; he
positioned his cock at the entrance to my anus and
ordered me to slide down; it slid easily up my bum and
I raised myself up and down as he told me to; I was
effectively riding him. The position I was in was
facing away from him, another man got on the bed in
front of me; I thought he wanted his dick sucked! I was

"Lay back: lay flat on top of him."

I was pulled backwards by the man up my bum whose dick
was forced into me as fare as it could possibly go, his
arms were wrapped around me tightly so that I couldn't
move my arms; I didn't know what the man in front of me
was going to do! I soon found out as he positioned
himself on top of me!

"Please don'tttt... please you can't do this to meee...
aaagh... stop aaaagh your hurting meeee!" He was
forcing his cock into my vagina but was struggling
because of the tightness!

"Stop, arrrgh stopppp... it's hurting me... arrrgh...
arrrgh... please noooo, take iiit ooout!" I begged.

The pain was unbearable as his cock drove deeper inside
me; I felt something give inside my vagina and he
pressed home; completely filling me. He began his in
and out rhythm as he shagged me; despite my screams; he
fucked me harder and harder. The pain in my bum was
excruciating; the owner of the cock groaned, saying how
tight it was in there! "I'm going to cum; ugh I'm
coming, I'm... coming up her arse... ohhh sweet Jesus
my prick's bursting!"

I don't know if I felt his ejaculation or not; the pain
in my bum and vagina was so intense. The man on top of
me was gasping and panting! "I'm coming... I'm...
coming... ohhh man I'm... filling her up."

After a while his cock softened and he withdrew from
me; there was a loud sucking sound as his dick plopped
out; followed by a load of spunk and blood which ran
down the crack of my arse and onto the balls of the man
in my bum. The pressure in my arse eased, and as I
lifted myself up off the man under me my bowels opened;
not only expressing his cock but a load of diarrhea and
sperm that he had just deposited inside me.

There was laughter and cat calls from the other men in
the room as they took the piss out of him! He yelled!
"You bastard; you dirty fucking bastard... you've shit
all over me; I'll fucking kill you." He punched me in
the back of my head knocking me sideways off the bed;
everything went black as I lost consciousness.

My ordeal was over; as I came round I found Ann wiping
my face with a wet rag; Sarah was sitting on the edge
of the bed weeping; her head in her hands, rocking back
and forth; she was fully dressed! "I'm so sorry; oh God
I'm so... so... sorry; I didn't know this would
happen." Ann was saying; over and over again. "How can
you ever forgive me for this?"

It was a while before I realized where I was! "What's
wrong? What's happened to me?" I mumbled; I tried to
sit up. "Aghhh, ehhh, oh God it hurts."

"Where does it hurt Gail, tell me where it hurts?" Ann
asked, as she struggled to lift me into a sitting
position on the bed! "My bottom, my vagina and my
breasts; all over my body but mainly there." I groaned.
"Please Ann what's happened to me; tell me what is
wrong with me?"

She began to cry! "It's my fault, I brought you here; I
should never have let you come, but Sarah kept asking
me to; I didn't know they would rape you." sobs "Please
Gail, please forgive me?"

It was a lot to take in at that moment so I said
nothing. Ann fetched a pan of water and soap and an old
tee shirt and cleaned me up as best she could;
including my vagina and bottom which was caked in shit.
When I had dressed we all went downstairs, there were
two men in the front room; as we were leaving one
handed Ann a five pound note and told her to get a taxi
home; he asked if we were; "Ok?" the other man laughed
and said sarcastically! "Come back anytime."


Ann took us to my house, we knew my brother and sister
would most likely be out and we could clean ourselves
up properly. I looked at the clock on the mantelshelf
it was 3-10pm Saturday afternoon: we had been at that
horrible house since the evening before. As I was
taking a shower it all started to come back to me: my
first fear on entering the house; seeing Ann enjoying
being fucked by a black man; Sarah screaming as she was
being raped; my own ordeal as I too was repeatedly
raped by so many different men.

The pain and anguish as my virginity was torn away: the
horror and pain as they used my vagina, mouth and
bottom repeatedly: the agony as my vagina and bottom
were raped at the same time: stretching and tearing
both. I was crying but suddenly I was laughing
hysterically. Ann and Sarah rushed into the bathroom.

"What's wrong? What's wrong? Are you alright?" They
both asked worriedly. My laughter subsided to just
giggling! "I just remembered, ha, ha, ha; I pissed all
over one of them, hee, hee, hee, in his mouth and all
over him, ha, ha, ha, he, he, he, and I shit all over
another one when he bummed me, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha."

We were laughing hysterically now, even Sarah; who had
hardly said a thing since we had left the house in
Newtown. Ann made a cup of tea as Sarah showered, then
she looked at my vagina and anus to see if there was
much damage, it turned out to be just minor tearing of
both, Ann said it should heal up if I used Savlon or
some other anti-bacterial cream, apart from that I had
no other damage, except for bruising to my tits and
between my thighs, these would soon clear up, in the
meantime I could hide them.


The next couple of week's I spent worrying myself sick
in cases I had gotten pregnant; my period never came; I
told Sarah! Hers never came either. We hadn't told our
parents what had happened to us in the house at
Newtown; it had taken a lot of cajoling from Ann to
keep it quiet; she said that! "Everyone will blame me,"
she said. "All our friend's, family and neighbor's
would find out and they wouldn't want to know us

Sarah and I thought long and hard about what Ann was
saying? It was her fault; she had taken us to that
horrible house; telling us there would be a party
there. Ann had mentioned that her boy friend was black;
I suppose Sarah and I had been a little exited at the
thought of seeing Ann with a black man.

It was 1963 and there was still a lot of prejudice from
white people towards the black population; white girls
were frowned upon if they were seen out with black men.
"After all you did go there voluntarily; nobody forced
you to go did they?" Said Ann. "How was I to know they
were all going to fuck you? I didn't, did I?"

The following month my period came, I don't know why I
missed the last one, unless it was to do with the
terrible beating that my insides took from my gang
rape. Sarah was not so lucky; she missed again! When
she didn't show the following month it was obvious she
was pregnant! My heart went out to her. Sarah told her
parents that the baby was going to be black.

"I got drunk when I went to a party and some black
bloke took me into a bedroom: I didn't want to do it
but he made me: I tried to stop him but he was too big
and strong; he just pulled my knickers down, got on top
of me and did it to me!" Her father was furious. "You
mean to tell me that some black man you don't even know
raped you; got you in the family way and you couldn't
stop him?"

"Please daddy I did try but he wouldn't stop! I begged
him to pull it out but he wouldn't; he came inside me
and said I would have his baby! Now I am: I'm so

After the baby was born she was immediately placed for

Sarah and I are still good friends more than forty
years later! She married and had two more lovely
children; I am godparent to both. I myself remained a
spinster! Not that I couldn't have married; I had
several proposals from my many men friend's over the
years. I had not been put off sex by my ordeal; I just
enjoyed the single life.