winerys black surprise


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Kim and I went for a sexy weekend at a winery in the mountains , arriving on the Thursday we were escorted to our cabin which was deep in the hills and had the most incredible views .
As it was summer we soon removed our clothes and sunbathed on the balcony , coconut oil always get me randy
so my cock was hard and kim relieved me of a load , returning the favour she came several times.
After a short nap we went and explored , there was a pool and sauna so we went and got our swimmers and went for a swim.
There was a commotion and suddenly there were several bikers (push)they must have been on a ride and had stoped at the winery , they were all dressed in lycra outfits and had nice bodies , two had rested there bikes against the pool fence and one was unzipping his top to reveal a black chest with nipple rings in both , I nudged Kim who quickly viewed the man stripping down , he was around 40 extremely fit with the best bubble ass.
He peeled his top to his waist and stretched , Kim's eyes widened and I new exactly what she was thinking.
The other man was white but olso had a good body , he was a little older , they smiled and came into the pool area Kim greeted them and introduced us as she walked toward me I noticed the white man staring at he ass then I realised he had seen the tattoo of a spade with the words BBC Lover under it, as he looked up I smiled and he did the same.
They told us they had a cabin booked and were here for the weekend.
It turned out that there cabin was only a few acres away , that night I told Kim what the guy had seen ,she asked if he would have told the black man and did you see the size of his chest and ass , that night we had the best sex in years.
Next day was wine tasting and yes the two guys were there and yes the black man was told about Kim's spade tattoo.
Allan and Rodger , we teamed up that day and had a great day , taking several bottles of wine back to the cabins we decided to have a BBQ at our cabin Allan and Rodger went and changed while we got things ready.
Allan and I cooked while Rodger chatted to Kim , we kept looking in and they got closer and closer they suddenly we here'd Kim moan and Rodger had his tongue down her throat ,Allan smiled and said this is going to be a great night wait to you see Rodgers cock its huge and cant wait to see kim take it all.
Allan rubbed my shoulder and asked if I was BI as he would like to play when they fuck.
Kim and Rodger came out to the BBQ hand in hand to see if we were ready for dinner Allan told Kim he had asked if he could watch and play with me , she just laughed and said he would love to.
Dinner was over in a flash , wine open glasses clinging , Allan kissed me and Rodger encouraged me to respond , Kim got Allans cock out and she told me to suck him , and she went over and dropped he dress to reveal her naked body to Rodger , Allan stoped me and undressed himself then me we then sat and watched Rodger remove his shorts , fuck his cock was huge Kim went wild and through herself on him this muscleman then devoured he whole body, Allan and I watched for a while but then I went down on his cock , he returned the favour and as I got sucked I watched Rodger fuck Kim his huge cock was opening Kim to the max and she loved ever inch it was too much for me and I told Allan I was about to cum , Kim and Rodger stoped and came over to see me cum in Allan's mouth .
I blew so much it came out of Allans nose Kim just cleaned him up and went back fucking Rodger sharing Allans cum with Rodger , as I settled down Allan cock was hard and he needed relieving so I sucked until he blew.
That night Kim was fucked several times we all had turns she accommodated all three but the best fuck was defiantly Rodger her cunt was open for days.