willing to fly for thug gang gbang/pimped out/used


Real Person
i just wanna be abused by some real rough thugs. wanna be a slave, get pimped out and sued soo hard no limits at all my body is only here to please bbc. pleaseeeeeeee i want this soon ive had no luck lookin in my area so ill fly somewhere now to serve you and all your black brothers. anyyyyything u want. fuck im soo wet.
You need to get verified !!!!!! Cuz you wild wit it on some crazy out of this world shit !!!!! Now if you a freak like that GOOD ! You've been goin hard for a few day on here now ...Most of us on here would love too tear dat ass up but only if you real . So show us you REAL !!!!!! Not just a real good wit yo words cause I like to fuck