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will a bbc ruin my wifes cunt for me?

View attachment 90790 View attachment 90790 View attachment 90790 Thats my worry if i let a bbc streach her out will it go back?I cant compeat with the guy i have in mind.
Hey! It was through one of those that you entered the world ... and now you're worried about a black cock stretching it and whether or not it will go back! Don't be stupid ... those things are built to stretch and go back in "almost" its previous condition. That's not the problem! You're concern should be that if she's fucked really good by a huge big black cock will she settle for something much smaller! Size does matter!! Even if women do tend to deny it! Show any woman a cock that's bigger than what she's getting and watch her reaction! That tells all!

Otherwise I can confirm that when my wife took on her first, and only to date, black cock, he had close to 13 inches and was almost 8 in circumference! (We've posted a review of that experience elsewhere on this site if you're interested!) My wife took those measurements of it herself! That's HUGE by any standard!

Edwin, an old university friend of mine, had the privilege of being the first black guy to fuck her! Needless to say it took several attempts and over half an hour, as well as much self-control, before he could get her pussy to fully accept that thing to its balls! But take it she did! That experience was simply awesome and we are hopeful of repeating it in the not too distant future! The way Edwin's cock stretched her pussy lips, its blackness against her whiteness, the sight of them having orgasm after orgasm, his love juices dripping from her swollen pussy around his black cock as he fucked her was a sight to behold! I still get horny just thinking about it!


i think her body will yearn for more big black cock once she'd had one, but also her mind may refocus. my exGF for example was so well fucked by her first black man that she began to think about sex with him or other black men more and more.
The more she thought about them for her sex the less she thought about me. i was basically a pityfuck to begin with for her, so it didn't take long until she not only cut me off but also took away my erections and then she totally focused on real men for her pleasure.
So my advice is don't worry about competing with him sexually, as you had mentioned, since you won't be able to.


Dude, they can give birth. They can squeeze a watermelon through a tube of toothpaste. Are you serious with this question? The answer is NO, it won't ruin her, unless she gets it every day for years and dumps you!
I find your line of questioning funny. Why are you worry about whether or not she will be stretched out (which I believe that questions has been answered all ready), when you joined this site to try and get her to take a BBC for your pleasure. Oh, and she will also be receiving pleasure from the experience, but if that bothers you, then you are in the wrong site.


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Dude, they can give birth. They can squeeze a watermelon through a tube of toothpaste. Are you serious with this question? The answer is NO, it won't ruin her, unless she gets it every day for years and dumps you!
While you are basically correct as far as the average vagina being elastic enough to stretch and recover from being fucked by various sized dicks, keep in mind that the only time they can pass something the size of a baby through that "little darlin" is when they are pregnant and their bodies have made the adaptation to do so, otherwise, it ain't happening. ;)

Even then there is a little thing called an episiotomy that's required when that damned "watermelon" is too big to squeeze out of that "toothpaste tube". :D

(All of which my Mother never failed to remind me of whenever I gave her the slightest reason to be disenchanted with me.) :bounce:
It will stretch out, but it will go back as long as not getting everyday. Mine gets pretty stretched , though I like big dicks so no wonder, but it gets stretched pretty good and can tell the difference but it goes back after a few days depending upon guys size. Most I have had is 1 week to return to normal size and that is pretty tight as hubby is only 6' and it is tight for him at that point.

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Getting BBC will make them want more of it and less of yours. If she gets it regular enough it will change her tolerance level. try going in for sloppy seconds and see how stretched it is.