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    A year ago my wife and I vacationed in the Caribbean. One afternoon we were asked by a couple of young black guys (half our age) if we would like to go out on their catamaran and do some snorkelling. We agreed and away we all went. We were having a good time and my wife was enjoying herself gazing at the eye candy. One of the guys in particular, maybe no more than twenty, was very handsome and had a deep black, lightly muscled body. His baggy boxer type trunks did little to mask his enormous manhood, especially once it was wet.
    My wife made a couple of subtle comments about how well-hung he was and I knew his trunks weren't the only things that were wet.

    We had a good time diving, swimming, and drinking rum and then returned to shore. I knew my wife was horny and so I asked her if she wanted me to give her an hour or two alone.

    "Do you mind?" she asked. I told her to enjoy herself and left to find a swim up bar. A couple of hours later she texted me and said she was "done". I returned to the room to find her just out of the shower and lounging on the balcony.

    "Well, how was it?" I asked.

    "Incredible," she replied. "He was a little nervous at first but he got over that and we fucked almost the whole time."

    "And his cock?" I said with a smirk, "did he measure up?"

    "You have no idea," she replied, "no idea."

    She did him a couple more times before we headed home. I just wish I could have watched.

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    No word of a lie this is exactly what happened to us but in Fiji , we were snorkelling of an Island with locals and her instructor was black but middle aged from our resort , I had noticed she was enjoying his presence as well as letting him help her to dive he was all over her and when standing in shallow water exposing a very large cock. on the way back to the resort I asked her if she would like time alone.

    I spent a couple of hours in the pool bar before I went to our room , and same she was so pleased and impressed with his cock , he had to be carful but did return on other occasions and like you I could not be there , dam shame EH.