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Wife's Tale


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At a recent wedding we attended I noticed my wife dancing with a younger black man whom I didn't know. After they had had a few dances I asked my wife who he was and she told me she didn't know and that he was just a guy at the wedding who had asked her to dance. I asked her if she was turned on by him and she said she was. She also said he was turned on by her judging by the hard bulge in his pants. I knew where this was going and asked her if she wanted the hotel room for awhile. She smiled and said I was so understanding. They danced again, this time a slow waltz and he held him very close. I could only image how hard his cock was as it rubbed against my wife. They even kissed briefly. When the dance ended, she smiled at me and they left. I waited for about an hour before returning to the room. My wife was in the bath relaxing. I sat beside her and asked her how it was. She asked me if I wanted her to give me a slow hand job while she provided all the details. Her story was so hot I came very very soon.