Wife's Tale


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I thought about you all day again, going over in my mind the way we move together, our breathing syncronized with the thrusts of your hips and the low moans that escape from me as the passion grows. I love it when you press close behind me your lips moving over the surface of my shoulders, tender bites to the sensitive area between my ears and shoulder. My body tense as your hands pull me back aginst you.

The contrast in our skin is such a turnon for me, my pale white flesh, full DD breasts and red hair so different than your bald head, dark brown smooth skin and muscular hard body. But we seem to fit together like puzzle pieces, never have I had a man that filled me the way you do, hard black cock fitting me so perfectly that I know we were ment to be together just this way over and over.
I can feel that big hard cock as you press tightly behind me laying between the cheeks of my round ass and we rock together as you throb in response to the friction of our bodies but I want more and I plead with you to put your cock in my pussy, but you only tease me shifting slightly you lay all 9 inches aginst my pussy lips and slowly stroke back and forth. Damn I need you inside me not teasing me almost insane,

"Fuck my pussy baby, please I need you to fuck it hard!!"

My words bring a low moan from you as the wetness leaking out first touches your cockhead. No longer able to hold back I feel you probe the lips of my pussy and I get hotter and can't hold back the moans or the trembling of my desire, your hardness presses the lips apart and eases slowly into my tightness.

"God Damn baby, your so fucking tight I gotta take it slow. Umm... feel your hard cock girl, it's all yours just like that tight white pussy is mine."

Oh yeah I feel it!!!

"Yes!!! just like that, stroke me baby...please go deeper I need to feel you all the way in."

Your left hand anchored to my hip pulls me back and I feel your hardness press deep,

"Umm yes, I love it deep just keep it right there"

You throb as I use my pussy to arouse you even more, tighting down around you I'm rewarded as you flex deeply and thrust harder. It feels so good when you first ease inside me, I like it that I'm not yet juicy, it makes the friction of your cock more intense to me and I know I'll be nice and wet very quickly.
Damn I love it when you get agressive and we go on like this until I'm so wet we can hear it as we press together, but I need to cum and I have to beg a little to get what I need...

"Please baby stroke me!!! Stroke me hard!!!"

And your response is to growl deeply, grab my hips and power thrust until I spasm around you in my first climax. Oh God I needed that, as my pussy clutches you tightly I ease slowly from the intense contractions back to awareness. We both know this is just the start of my cumming on my big black cock.

"More baby, you got me nice and wet now but I still need for you to fuck me hard and make me cream all over you."

"Girl you know how hot you make me when you talk all trashy, pretty little white girl like you telling me to fuck you harder, I know you love me to pound that little pink pussy, are you ready?"

"Yeah baby, now....I NEED IT NOW!!!"

Fucking me so hard the bed starts to thump the wall and you give me fucking I've been begging for. But I know just how to get you to shoot your cum deep, I also know how hard you try to hold back but when I start to tighten the walls of my snatch your strokes get harder and deeper. Over and over I squeeze bringing you right to the brink of cumming

"There baby, is that where you want me to put my cum, deep in that little pussy??"

"Yes!! Right there, cum in me baby."

Those were the words you waited for me to say, and with a fierce series of thrusts you moan and explode in my cunt, filling me full and throbbing your release inside me, not one to be left out I know that the twitching and throbbing as you cum will trigger my last orgasm and it does and you growl deeply as you feel the clutching and heat of my cum mix with your wetness and I go limp, sweat soaked and weak from the power of my black cock.

Oh yes, I thought about you today, and I can't wait to see you walk thru the door so we can do it all over again.