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Wife's out all night

My wife has met up with her bbc lover and is staying the night in his hotel room. We first met him at a swingers club on a night especially for White woman who appreciate a big black cock. It's called BMFC (Black Mans Fan Club) at a club called Arousals in Dunstable UK. We then met him again at the local hotel the following month before going to the club together. He fucked my wife 3 times, in about 1.5 hours making her cum at least 8 times before getting ready and going to the club. We split up at the club with Pete going his own way and I watched my wife more orgasm's with 2 other bbc's before returning to the hotel. The next morning after we had breakfast and packed up, Pete text my wife saying that he wanted to say goodbye. As it was literally minutes before we had to check out, I went downstairs with the bags and checked out telling my wife I would meet her at the car. I waited by the car for half an hour, messaging my wife as I could not reach her by phone, before she appeared looking flustered and dishevelled. She got in the car and looked at me with a huge grin and said she was saying goodbye to Pete when I asked her where she had been. I asked her to elaborate further and so she told me that soon after I left the room Pete (who had been staying on another floor of the hotel) knocked on the door and she let him in. She said that he was so horny for her that he started to kiss her and grope her butt. She told Pete that they could not fuck around because I was waiting for her downstairs but Pete basically said "fuck your husband, he gets to have you when ever he wants and I need you now!" The kissing and groping got my wife very hot and wet and she could not resist him and his very obvious intent to fuck her one last time.

On a side note my wife first craved bbc when she was a teenager of 19, fucking upwards of 15 different black men letting them cream pie her as she had been told that she could not get pregnant due to polycystic ovaries syndrome. As it was the late eighties and early nighties and very much the time of Ecstasy and the clubbing scene she was often fucking these bbc's before, after or during the visits to the various clubs around the UK and letting them spunk their loads deep inside her white pussy. Robyn realised her reckless ways and so she got her shit together at the expense of putting on some weight, became almost nun like in her approach to men for the next 10 years until she met me in the early 2000's. The short version of events is that we had 2 children (apparently my super seed did the trick) got married and settled down albeit later in our lives (Robyn was 37 and I was 32). We are genuine soul mates and love each other unconditionally. Being from a society of close minded idiots (I grew up in a white belonged to white and black belonged to black culture) my generation shunned the common belief and intergrated across the races with some of my best friends being black. I considered Robyn's stories of her interracial sex very much taboo but kept on getting massively turned on by them at the same time. Despite Robyn declaring her love of bbc bareback sex and cream pies a thing of the past we spent the next few years concentrating on our new family life, raising our amazing kids. However I always had this nagging desire to relive Robyn's past and I grew more and more fascinated with the possibility of watching Robyn fuck other men. When we finally decided to take the plunge last year for our anniversary, Robyn insisted that she fucks black men as that is what turned her on the most!

Returning back to the original story line in the first paragraph, Pete had by now worked his large hands and thick fingers down the front of Robyn's jeans and was playing with her very moist and wet pussy. She was still very turned on from the frantic sex that she had had with Pete the night before as well as the other bbc's that she ruined at the club and explained to me that she gave in and easily crumbled. Her futile resistance ended up with Robyn vaguely suggesting that I was still waiting downstairs and that she should really be going but, ooh.... that finger in my pussy feels amazing and your cock feels so hard against my Butt!! Before she knew it, she explained, Pete had her jeans and knickers down around her ankles and bending her over the bed with her begging him to fuck her doggy style. She said that he rubbed the head of his big black cock along the length of her pussy a few times which by now was so wet that she could feel her pussy juices slowly running down the inside of her thighs. When Robyn gets wet, her whole cunt, lips and all get very shiny with her smooth silky juices! Pete asked Robyn for a condom as he did not have any but Robyn replied that she did not have any as they were packed away in the bags which were downstairs in the car with me, her husband who by now was wondering where the fuck she was! Pete bent down and whispered in Robyn's ear, "I need to fuck you now because I am so hard and horny for you!" To which Robyn replied, "fuck it, I desperately need your beautiful black cock deep in my pussy, just stick it in and fuck me good and proper!" And so without as much as another thought and without any further hesitation Pete thrust his bbc deep into my wife's unprotected cunt. Robyn told me that he thrust so hard into her that she could feel his pubes on his ball sack tickling her red and puffy clit. She simply said, I could not resist the urge, the need to have his bbc thrusting in and out of my extremely wet pussy! And continued "he started slowly at first, taking his cock all the way out and then thrusting it all the way back in until he was balls deep inside me. I pushed back on his lovely cock with every upward thrust until he was so deep I could feel him hitting my cervix. Every time he did that I could feel the spark of my orgasm getting stronger and stronger until I was begging him to fuck me harder and faster. He gripped my hips and then started to really fuck me with force and all you could hear was the squelch of my pussy gripping his cock and our pelvises slapping together." She continued, "it suddenly felt like the old days when I used to fuck bbc's all the time. I could feel every inch of his hard veiny cock against the walls of my cunt, skin on skin, stretching me and rubbing against me like I hadn't felt in years and I suddenly remembered why I used to fuck all those big black cocks bareback, because it felt so fucking amazing!" I felt a twinge of jealousy but knew deep down inside that my seed was only good for breeding but my cock was not capable of giving her the pleasures that she was describing! She then added, "the raptious wave after wave of my orgasm started to hit me as he slapped my Butt and I started working my pussy muscles to milk his cock for all that it was worth, as I screamed out loud that I was cumming all over his gorgeous black cock. My body shook and I thought that I was about to pass out from the everlasting joy that was burning through my body. The only thing that shook me to my senses was Pete starting to shout out that he was about to cum! I froze in terror as I suddenly remembered that I was right in the middle of my cycle and that my womb was ripe to fertilise his seed! I acted fast and pulled my body forward just as he shot his spunk all over my arse. To be honest I couldn't get mad at him for trying to impregnate me as he had just given me the best multiple orgasm that I had ever had! Some of his spunk ran down my arse cheeks and onto my pussy and you know what that does to me she asked." I surely do I replied, knowing how she loves to smear warm spunk all over her pussy and clit and masterbate herself to an earth shattering orgasm. I don't know what it does to her pussy but it does drive her animal wild! I looked at her and smiled as I couldn't get mad at her because I was so turned as I came to the realisation that I was no longer a wife watcher or a voyeur, I was a now a fully fledged cuckold because I couldn't wait to get home and lick her freshly fucked pussy that in essence was covered in another mans spunk!

Anyway the long and short of it is that my lovely gorgeous and amazing bbc hot wife has spent the whole of last night in a hotel room with Pete. I know that they have fucked at least 4 times and that Robyn reckons that she has had at least 12 very intense orgasms. They have phoned me whilst fucking so that I can hear what they are doing and how good Pete is servicing and meeting Robyn's sexual needs and desires! It's morning now and I am expecting a call or message telling me how they are fucking each other to orgasm after orgasm. Can't wait for my lovely wife to come home so we can discuss the events of last night and who knows she may even have a little surprise for me!