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Wife's Night Out


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Quick story about my wife and one of her past experiences. She had lots of chemistry with this black guy a few years older than her. Found him very physically attractive, and he was a handsome, very successful guy in his field. So they go out clubbing once, she's wearing a short skirt he strokes her ass softly on the dance floor while they're dancing. Mmmm that sort of turns her on. Slight makeouts here and there in the club. They get into his car once it's done, and park in a random parking lot.

Once they're there, they just start making out - his hands gradually making their way through all of her beautiful curves. At some point, he pushes her seat down, and moves her skirt up, takes off her panties and fucks her. In her own words, she wasnt expecting the sex, but once it happened, she didn't mind it cause she was very wet anyway'. I find it soooo hot that she would tell me something like that. Also, my wife always never used condom for her one night stands.

She said they fucked twice before he brought her home. I jacked off after she told me what she'd been doing.