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She’s out with her bull this evening. She called as she was on her way to tell me what she was wearing and how excited she is to see him.
They don’t really have anywhere to go after dinner, so they’ll likely have some playtime in the car. I got a text from her about 20 minutes ago that the waiter just brought the check. Right about now they are probably leaving the restaurant…
She’ll be home in about an hour. She’ll beep the horn as she pulls into the driveway. I’ll go out to meet her and wrap my arms around her as she buries her head in my shoulder.
As I follow her in the house I’ll see her clothes are slightly askew. We’ll talk as we get ready for bed. She’ll recount their evening together; dinner, conversation, all the funny sweet and cute things that happen. As we head into the bedroom she’ll turn to their time in the car. She'll knell in front of me and take my cock in her mouth and tease me. She’ll slowly tell me about their foreplay as she lies on the bed beckoning me to undress her.
As her story unfolds, I will be disrobing her. As she tells me how they got it on I’ll be pulling off her skirt, revealing her pussy, wet, open, stretched, used. As she tells me how he touched her, I’ll bury my face in her pussy. As she tells me what they did, I’ll taste her, and him….as I look up at her, my face covered in their juices, she’ll beg me to fuck her, hard, to fuck her wild…as my cock enters her, spreading her yet another time tonight, she’ll pull me to her, she’ll kiss me deeply, tasting me, and her lover, and her, all mingled together.
No matter what he thinks, this is for us, he is our toy, and the moment cannot be more divine….