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    True story


    All of this started one day when I decided to open up and confide in my wife Wendy that I had shared everything with her, with the exception of my deepest darkest fantasy. This story is about me finally risking it all and telling her that fantasy and the results of that confession. First, however, allow me to tell you about Wendy.

    Wendy and I are exceptionally close spending almost every moment we are not at work, together. We have an excellent sex life and in the bed room we always share ourselves completely enjoying sex often, and in every way that two people can. I am frequently amazed with how lucky I am, as she is a beautiful fit 5'3" 130 lbs curvy 43 year old woman with raven dark hair, soft brown eyes perfect straight white teeth, full lips, and a great set of tits that fit perfectly in my hands. She is a smart,professional, compassionate and conservative mother of four. She was married once before, to her high school sweat heart, and was faithful to him for fifteen years prior to meeting me. At the time that this story took place her first husband and I were her only two sexual partners. She is the most amazing woman I have ever known and I should have been great full enough to be satisfied with all of this.

    I,of course, was not. Having an extensive sexual history, I was acutely aware that sex with another woman would be physically disappointing and emotionally unfulfilling as I was obsessed with Wendy. I also couldn't bear the thought of hurting her. I did however, find myself fantasizing about sharing her with another man, specifically a black man. I have always had a fascination with black people even as a baby. This was different though. I was fantasizing that the woman of my dreams would engage in a sex act, with a black man,and my self focusing all of our attentions on her.

    The more that I tried to repress this fantasy the stronger it seemed to get. I started looking at sights online were amateur wives had sex with black men either with there husbands consent or his involvement. I even found a site hosted by a woman with a strong resemblance to Wendy and I would frquently imagine it was my wife on the screen getting a healthy dose of black cock and loving it. All of this I kept from Wendy in order to protect her from my dark side. Eventually, Wendy, being so close to me, sensed something was wrong as I was secretive and moody.

    So I decided one night to come clean. I would tell her what I was keeping from her and risk it all. As I informed her that I had a confession, I could see the anxiety and fear of what I would admit wash over her. I figured here I go. I'm about to ruin my life being honest.
    " Wendy. I frequently fantasize about sharing you with a black man." I said in a calm steady voice. I went on to detail all of my actions on line. I explained my secretive behavior at the computer and on my smart phone. I then described to her an example of a scenario that I had imagined us in. Wendy sat in silence for awhile as this all soaked in. She the asked me about specific incidents that had made her suspicious. I came clean admitting my secretive actions that I took and my attempts to cover my tracks. As things fell into place, she turned and said to me. " Thats all this is? It all makes sense now. Why did you feel like you couldn't share this with me? "
    "I was trying to protect you from it " I replied. "Jeff" she said. "I thought you were cheating on me. This is no big deal." " People have fantasies all the time." "I have a confession now too." Wendy said in a low voice. "That story you told me made my pussy warm and wet.

    Thus began a two week period were we fucked like rabbits, and took turns describing in detail fantasy scenarios, me either whispering to her what this black stranger was doing to her asshole, pussy or mouth as I was fucking one of the other two holes, or her telling me how good it felt to be used by both of us. I wrote her stories and sent them to her by smart phone, in which she submitted to the attentions of her husband and a complete strange, usually black, and she kept me up late most nights when I got home.
    By the end of the second week she was watching movies, with me,off the amateur dream milf website. In her favorite a lovely housewife resembling her was getting fucked by two black men who treated her with all the passion and intimacy usually reserved by those in love. Every time we did this I would slip a couple of fingers in her. I always found her pussy to be soaked and when I would replace my fingers with my cock she would explode with mind rocking orgasms in almost no time.
    During these three weeks we had multiple discussions about the fantasies. At first she wanted reassurance that they were just fantasies,when I informed her that I was uncertain that I didn't desire more she seemed adamant that they were only fantasies. Then she would get real horny again. By the third week we had discussed the very, strict very unlikely scenario in which something might occur. On the weekend of the third week I asked her if she wanted to try an adult theater with me and she shocked me by saying let drive to it and see. This turned out to be the first of two bad experiences that almost killed the sexual momentum that had built up. The place was horrible from the outside an located in a notoriously bad area. We didn't even go in. Next I suggested that we place a very anonymous craigslist add and give no info out unless we found the perfect guy. Wendy refused afraid that people would know who we were. Discouraged, I was never the less happy that I could share my Erotic desires with her.
    A day later she stunned me by telling me that she had researched on the craigslist site and the thought of it turned her on. She told me to put an add up just to aid in our fantasy. I did and the flood of freaks to the new email we created was overwhelming. We got every creepy transexual,bisexual offer you could imagine. We got more pictures of penis's that I care to ever see again. Most obviously didn't match our adds specifications. She was again turned off by the negative experience and I started to realize that this neat clean cut fantasy encounter was not real. That was until we got a picture of a smiling good looking young black man with a laid back response. I remember Wendy saying "I like him". "The picture or his response" I asked? Both Wendy said.

    Donavan was a 32 year old back man 10 years our junior. After a flurry of emails, then texts, and finally a call I had both a feel for him as a laid back,soft spoken, intelligent guy. More important I had a commitment from him to meet us for JUST a beer at a local happy hour. Wendy made sure I made that clear. She also was adamant with me that we were only going to meet him and that the odds of her finding him attractive were slim. "Besides" she said. " He might not like us."
    I promised her that I would not expect anything to occur, as a matter of fact I wouldn't let it.
    She seamed pleased.
    That night in bed however she got real horny and started to talk about how turned on she was over this encounter. She stunned me again telling me that it was the worst possible day for her to have sex with anyone other than her husband who had a vasectomy. She went on to have a verbal fantasy about it while I fucked her.
    The next morning she seemed concerned again. I responded by promising her that I wouldn't let anything risky happen. After a long pause .... Another bombshell. "Maybe if he had a condom on her could fuck me a little but he would have to cum somewhere else...." "considering that there is an attraction between us," she added." And that you are right there involved." I was so hard that I needed a quick morning blow job and fuck to get my pants on and hustle to work late.
    At work she asked me to text Donovan and ask him to expect nothing but be prepared in case. He was excited and said he would. I passed on the info to him about her risk and he said he would be sure to have a condom.
    After work I began to " stack the deck" prior to our date making Wendy her favorite cocktail and teasing her until she pulled me towards the bed. "Oh no " I said. "If you get fucked, wether by both Donovan and I, or just me, it will happen later" I teased.
    She pouted but proceeded to get ready and then get dressed putting on an elegant but casual brown blouse combo with a long white skirt that complimented he tanned skin. As she went to pull on a pair of panties under her skirt I stopped her and dared her to go without them. She gave me a devilish grin and threw them back into the drawer. I continued to behave badly on the drive to the bar finger fucking her sopping wet tight pussy just shy of an orgasm three times letting her urge subside each time. We arrived and were seated at a table in the bar and grill and she ordered another cocktail while we waited.

    We were not there long before a face we recognized entered. I waved and he came over smiling just like his photos and sat across from us. I glanced over and Wendy was smiling too. He seemed to be a good looking guy about an inch taller than and slightly broader than my 5'10" 189 lbs frame. He had very short hair and I would describe him as medium brown skin tone. I sure Wendy could describe him in more detail. We made small talk and we found out that we he a similar career to both Wendy and I. He was a first born like me, loved to be spoiled, and his calm laid back demeanor was not a front. We discussed some of the rules and I made it clear that I was to be an active participant and that Wendy needed me to be in charge if necessary were something to happen. He assured me that he preferred it that way saying he was prepared to play the bull role if asked, but admitted that he was much more excited by the Idea of an active threesome. Wendy and I spoke to him about the possibility of something occasional and long term developing, to which he seemed receptive.Wendy excused herself and he immediately told me how beautiful she was. When she returned I went to the restroom and intentionally took my time returning. When I returned Wendy was holding his hand across the table and he had bought her another drink. She told me excitedly how his skin felt nice like mine. We made some more small talk before I asked him right in front of my wife if he would like to split the cost of a room. He informed me he certainly would and Wendy didn't bat an eyes as we paid the bill and left the bar. He jumped in my avalanche and Wendy got in the passenger seat next to me for the seven mile trip to the hotel. As we traveled down the highway I suggested to Wendy that Donovan might be lonely in the back and she smiled and looked me in the eyes a second before asking Donovan if he wanted company. He replied " sure". And just like that Wendy crawled into the back giving him a glimpse of her pussy as the first leg went over. She sat next to him and he slid his had up under her skirt. I almost drove off the road as she started to moan. I could see her skirt moving in her lap and she wad stoking a large bulge in his tan dockers. I said to her over my shoulder "Do you got enough to work with in that hand?" and she replied " oh yeah" " how do you know unless you see it?" I asked.
    I watched as Wendy and Donovan fumbled with his belt and zipper. She pulled a nice sized hard black cock out of his pants and buried her head face down in his lap. As her head bobbed up and down and his dick disappeared in and out of her mouth my own dick got rock hard. Oh my god I was watching Wendy suck a black cock in the back of my avalanche while Donovan finger fucked her pussy Both of them were moaning as Donovan put his hand on the back of her head and gently forced his cock deeper into her mouth as he rocked his hips. I've fucked my wife's mouth hundreds of times before but watching a stranger using her mouth in front of me was driving me mad with desire.
    We arrived at the hotel and I reminded them that we hadn't even gotten a room yet. Wendy smiled and continued to service Donovan as I went in and paid for a room with a king sized bed. We spilled into the room. Wendy laid on the bed with her legs hanging off the end off the end her skirt pushed up. Donovan buried his face and three fingers in her pussy. Wendy moaned and ran her hand on the back of his bald head I knelt on the bed next to Wendy's head and fed her my dick. This lasted five minutes at which time I suggested we switch places. I pulled Wendy's skirt off as Donovan laid on his back on the bed. I then began fucking Wendy doggy style as she sucked Donovan 's dick again. Wendy had her first orgasm and I came almost immediately. Donavan then pulled Wendy's top off and spun her around on top of him. I was watching my wife pump his cock in and out if Donovan's mouth with her right hand and I realized I was fixated our wedding ring bounce up and down. Donovan was licking her clit and driving his fingers in and out of her pussy. Donavan then repositioned Wendy so she was on her back again and he was at her head fucking her mouth. I joined in again and started eating her pussy causing her to moan onto Donovan's cock. My dick was now hard again and I slammed it into her and fucked her hard causing her to come hard. We all disengaged for a second and Wendy laid on her side. I snuggled in face to face with her as I saw Donovan position behind her. I was kissing Wendy passionately and her eyes were closed. As Donovan laid down behind her I lifted her right leg up exposing her pussy to him. I heard him exclaim " Oh yeah " and Wendy's eyes flew open with a panicked look as he entered her the length of his cock in one push. I passed off her leg to him and he threw it over his left shoulder and started to pound her. I slid up to her face and kissed her pinning her arms above her head as her eyes went from me to his dick and back. " Oh my god he is swelling up in me Wendy stated to me in a panic." "I'm gonna come she said " closing her eyes. The look coming over her face I recognized as her attempt to maintain control that she has just before a big orgasm. "Open you eyes and look at me when you are getting fucked" I said. She locked eyes as she started to come loudly. "Look at him when he fucks you" I added and she obeyed as she wailed. Donovan then started to thrust more erratically a made an exclamation " Fuck yeah" ! Donovan continued to slowly pump in and out of her moaning quietly and I was sure that she was milking every last drop of cum out of his cock. As they pulled apart my suspicions were confirmed as her pussy that I had filled with cum was now overflowing and cum was flowing down her ass onto the bed. We all laid there awhile as Wendy shook all over. It was a week night and Wendy had to work in the morning , so we soon dressed and drove him back to his car. Donovan said he would like to get together again and Wendy and I agreed throwing out a few possible dates. Wendy confessed on the drive home that she really wished that she was on birth control as she was nervous at the prospect of becoming pregnant.( I have had a vasectomy).Needless to say we fucked twice more that night at home and Wendy went to work exhausted and sore the next day.
    I was amazed that this happened and even more thrilled when we all got together again.... But that's another story.
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    Very hot and thrilling sexual sensation every man love to experience as well the wife with her BBC bull. We would love to see pix of her in action....Thanks for sharing...
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    great story great couple have fun folks