Wife's fantasy, into reality?

derin jones

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My wife has strong interracial fantasies and cums hard when she talks about them. She's very hot, sexy, and in perfect shape. I'd not the submissive cuckold type. I bang her very well, but I'd still love to see my princess be some black man's cheap whore.

We've discussed it many times and I think she might sometime. I'm just trying to let her relax about it, and embrace it all. I think she'd love the lifestyle, I know the guys would love fucking her regularly, and I'd love to have such a sexual woman like that. Hopefully, this year. If not, I plan to get a side gf to have some fun with like that.
I have been working on my wife Brenda for years and have not got her to try it for real. I am at a point where she loves watching interracial video and really gets off watching and talking about it. She is very fertile and I have always fantasized about her taking it bareback and letting the nature thing happen. I love this site and all the great information on how to work on her
Take note, in 2001 I enjoyed her first in Indy. Then her and hubby went down south where she became a major XX adult star. Google "Darians Fire" and you may or may not see some video of her! Man did I enjoy her 3 times . First time Hubby said try that 3rd hole and I did. I would drive from Dayton OH to outside of Indy for this fun time!


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My husband felt the same way you did and I never told him my desire to fuck black men. We watched some videos of white women and black men and I was in. Greatest sex of my life with the black guys I've been with.