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    I love the look on my wife's face when we have sex. When we finish, she looks even more beautiful. This is why I would love to see another man fuck with her so I could see that look, knowing how much she is loving him as well. She told me she fantasizes about black men so her lover would be big and black with a very large cock. I would love to watch her breasts bounce and her nipples harden as he fucks her. I have noticed that a lot of men feel the way I do.

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    yes my friend , i wish the same for :blackheart::exciting: my wife
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    You got it right! I experience the same thing with my wife! She always, as I call it, "Has a look on her face of a cat after it just ate a canary after every time we make out!" Total contentment that is! After my wife got fucked by my old university friend, Edwin, who happens to be black, she was like a Glowworm at night! All bright and rosy! Edwin was not only the first strange cock my wife had (Outside my own that is. She was a virgin, in every sense of the word, when we married!) but it was also her first, and only to date, black cock! Edwin has 12 inches and he pounded her poor pussy all night long that first night! It's true, that is really a picture of my wife's poor pussy you see here in our Avatar after it was blackened! I took this picture the morning after Edwin allowed her to have a break from the previous nights events! The last time he fucked her was around 6:00 am, the picture was taken around 10:00 am. He was back into her again around noon! Neither she nor I, and I can emphatically state, Edwin, didn't complain one bit! She just loved that black cock so much that she fucked him for four days straight! If interested, we've posted a review of this event ion this site in the "Interracial Story" section. Comments welcome!

    My advice, CuckoldCouple .... GO FOR IT! SHE'LL LOVE IT! SO WILL YOU!!