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wifes 1st exp

Well here's a story that might interest some . My wife and I have been married now for 20 years and in recent years I expressed a desire to see her try mfm . She liked the idea but said that she wasn't sure if she would actually ever do it and if she did it would have to happen by chance .
On a recent trip away my wife and I had been drinking most of the afternoon . Later in the day she said that she wanted to shower and change before tea . When she walked out of the room she had on the dress from our profile except this time she wore no undies .
We had tea drinks and then she said that she wanted to go to the strippers , as I'd never been to strippers with her b4 I was amazed by the attention she was receiving by guys and mostly girls their . She was really turned on and we ended up having a priv dance that was the 2 girls all over each other and me watching , they even kissed .
Whilst watching the other dances a guy approach my wife and they chatted and then wife turned to me and said , can james come to our room and fuck me please .Remember that not just had she not been with another guy during our marriage she'd actually only EVER been with me .Within seconds of entering the room she layed on the bed and the 2 of us undress her , touched her tits and started fingering and licking her pussy .The night was long and amazingly hot , we did everything except anal to her . It has changed our sex life and now she wants to try a blk guy but they are hard to find in AUSTRALIA , can anyone help