Have any of the wives deny wanting to try BBC at first, but deep inside really wanted to try? My girl says no, I keep teasing her about a older man from work. She says she would never do anything. This weekend she seems different,more sexual towards me. Usually its the other way around.


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Yes, my hubby nagged me for years to try BBC. I refused but have been curious about black guys since i was a young girl. Deep down i wanted to try, but was bit nervous about the size aspect but also hubby has always had a jealous streak and i wasnt convinced he wouldnt throw it back in my face that 'preferred black guys to him' etc.
Ive always said on here that any white husband really wanting this must convince their wife he loves them and wont be angry jealous about whatever may happen or be said.
If shes more sexual now she may be warming to the idea. X