what are you doing to get her interested?
Recently I got off inside of her in probably less than four minutes and she said she wished she could get more. I told her maybe a large dildo would be good and she said that May help her enjoy our sex more. However, I just had a feeling that she might have been thinking of something else.

Up Until about a year ago our sex was very plain. Then we went on a cruise and I saw her in the gym staring at a black man in spandex working out who had a huge bulge in his pants. She was literally gawking at it. I couldn't believe how obvious she was. Since then she has actually initiated doing positions other than straight missionary, like doggy style, standing up and with her on top, facing me and facing away from me. I just feel that she is getting curious.


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I'm trying to get my wife interested in having sex with a large cocked black man.
From the posts you've put up, I'd say she's already interested. Often, when a spouse starts screwing outside the marriage, and this happens with both sexes, it elevates their cravings for more sex, which is why they initiate more sex with their spouses after an affair. You're probably a cuckold and don't even know it. She's probably fucking you because she's still aroused after fucking him.

What you're assuming is that you'll know when she starts having sex with black men. In most cases the wife isn't going to share her affairs with her husband because she's not sure how he's going to react + she doesn't wish to encourage him to have affairs too. But, for now, you'll be the beneficiary of her elevated sex drive. If you insist in knowing for sure, pay more attention to the taste, smell, & feel of her pussy and body, especially when she's been away from you for a few unscheduled hours, and, start checking her soiled panties for cum-stains or an unusually larger number of soiled panties in the washroom. :)

If I was you, I'd start rehearsing how I'm going to react when the truth come out, because once she knows that you know of her infidelities, (assuming you don't go unhinged on her), she's going to go into overdrive with fucking black men, and that elevated sex drive of hers that you're enjoying now, will almost assuredly be spent fucking more black me, not you. ;)

Rookies! :p
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I'm hoping my wife is more interested than I believe. She's said a few things here and there in the past. For example, when we were first hooking up a long time ago she told me about the "beautiful black man" at the gym that she would always catch checking her out. Or a few weeks ago I relayed a conversation to her that a black friend of mine and I had, which was along the lines that most white women, whether they admit it or not, have some desire to experience a black man. She said that she could see the truth in that and agreed with it (instant hard on for me!). The other night I was fucking her for some time and she wasn't cumming, which is not the norm, and I asked her if she needed something bigger, like a large dildo or something. She said no, but then quickly asked if I wanted her to have one. I said yes and that I was going to get her a big one. She just laughed but did not protest.
I have the Shane Diesel dildo coming tomorrow. Hopefully this will make a natural conversation of her taking a BBC for real a reality.

Does anyone think she's ready?


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I'm trying to get my wife interested in having sex with a large cocked black man. In the last year her sex switch has gone to overdrive and I cannot keep up. If you want some pics, just let me know your email and I will share some with you.
My wife dated blacks in college and after we were married the old urges cameback and she never asked me what I thought.