Wife wants me to take her to Vegas

My wife is Asian and loves big cocks. She wants me to take her to Las Vegas - "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" she says. Haven't planned anything definite yet but thinking of going when weather warms a little bit. Please advise if there are any hung black men who will be in Vegas in a few months are interested in an Asian MILF... Su dressing to go out in Jamaica.jpg
Does she knows what your planning for her, what's the plan of approach? I have been trying to get my girlfriend into trying BBC, very slow getting there but fun looking for idea's.
Yes and no. We have been talking about her going black for a long time. She says she wants it but then backs out at last minute. Even took her to Jamaica for express purpose of her having some Jamaican men but she wasn't able to go thru with it even tho she promised she would go black if I took her to Jamaica. She says now she will go black if I take her to Vegas but I suspect for her to go thru with it will have to be a kind of spontaneous thing (after a couple of drinks, proper mood, nice guy, etc). How about you? How far along is your wife with the idea?