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So this is Carol my 20 year old wife she is a tiny tiny girl standing 5'3" and weighing 110lbs she wants her first BBC she is a very tight little white girl who has only ever had 5 white cocks biggest only being 8" and not very thick! So being new to all this we are looking for some answers We have been chatting with a BBC Bull who is 9" and as thick as a beer bottle I'm only 3.5" and 1.5" across sooooooooooooo she's tight! what can we expect for her first time with a BBC? how will it effect her pussy? How long after the BBC will she remain gapped open? things like that some info from some of you Bulls with real cocks would be helpful for us. Also she is very unsure on doing this some suggestions on how to help covert her to Black would also be great!


Depends upon thebull. Pussies can stretch so as long as the bull takes it easy and is considerate then all should be well. Agree all this before had and set some rules. if the bulls says then walk away!

Pussie do go back to normal after big insertations lol The length of time depends but well within 24 hrs.

To convert her to black -speak with her! Find out why she is hesitant and discuss the pros and cons of her going black.

Good luck


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As small as you are, compared to the black guy you're looking at, if he spends much time with her, her pussy will enlarge, and it won't go back to what it was, so don't expect it to totally return to normal.

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IMAG0205.jpg here is here pussy currently after 8" white friend
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